6 Facts You Should Know About Work

There are some facts you need to know about work before you set out into the labour market. Looking at the statistics listed below, will make you understand how tough work can be. Yet it is important to comprehend some interesting facts about being employed and the workplace in order to thrive as a professional.

Here are five facts you need to know about working nowadays…

Getting Paid not to work

In this article it is revealed that sometimes it pays better not to work. According to the article there are 35 states in the United States where receiving government assistance and welfare pays more than working a full-time minimum wage job. Government benefits such as housing assistance, food stamps and other aids pays more than a teacher’s basic salary in his first year in some states. According to the report by the Cato institute 13 states pays more than $15 an hour.

Sleeping at Work

Americans are so tired they are falling asleep during work hours. A recent survey discovered that almost half of respondents during the survey, 47% of workers have fallen asleep at some point during their careers. While 7% of employees were caught sleeping by their clients, 10% of sleepers in the office have been caught by their bosses. This sleep deprivation has caused 25% to make mistakes while 47% have felt less productive.

Retiring After age 65

In this Gallup poll, 49% of baby boomers are planning to retire after age 65. They believe retirement will decrease their standard of living and make them less functional in the society. Many of these baby boomers are already in retirement age and they are willing to keep on working. In fact 10% of Boomers claim that they will never retire whether by necessity or by choice.

Work and deaths

Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that there are 4, 628 workplace deaths. An average of 89 deaths per week and more than a dozen per day occur in the workplace. According to OSHA, contactors are involved in 15% of all fatal workplace accidents.

Work and Dating

In this 2012 survey on office romances, revealed that almost half of all respondents have partaken in a workplace romance. This study revealed that although a lot of marriages and healthy relationships may have started at work, 31% of respondents claimed they had been victims of unwanted sexual advances during their career.

Not getting Enough Sleep

Insomnia is catching up on the American work force. Many employees do not sleep enough and are sleep deprived. It is advisable to get between 6 to eight hours of sleep daily, however a 2012 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study revealed that 30% of American workers are getting less than six hours of sleep every night. Sleep deprivation causes poor health and poor job performance amongst workers.

Now you have it, six facts you probably did not know about work and you should know. It is important to proactively avoid the negatives of these facts and be the employee your employer deserves. What facts among these highlighted interest you the most? Please comment.