6 Frustrating Things You Can Never Remember Doing

You may consider yourself the most organized person on earth but there are some things that you can never remember doing. A few of these things affect your security, health or even your friendships. Some of them are trivial, but others may cost you an arm, a leg and your identity if you are not aware of them. Even if you are one of those people that have their life so carefully planned that would put a person with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder to shame, you still never remember to do most, if not all, of these things.

Don’t worry though, as soon as you are made aware of them, chances are you’ll be less likely to forget about them. So go through the list carefully and start thinking of ways to incorporate them in your daily routine so you never forget about them again.

1. Setting Your Wi-Fi Password

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When did you last bother with whether your home Wi-Fi is on or off? Probably never because when you are not using it since you are at work 24/7. This is bliss for your IT savvy hacker neighbour who’s happily streaming his next Netflix episode as we speak. The Internet Service Provider probably gave you a password that you rightly changed after your first login and checked that box that prevents you from inputting it every time that you switch log on. One day, your Wi-Fi router goes off after months of mega-downloading and it takes you a whole day to reset it and to get it working again. When you try to log in to your signal, you are prompted for that password that you forgot months ago. You are not even sure of the ISP you are using anymore. You are not the only one frustrated; your hacker neighbour comes knocking asking why you did not pay for your unlimited monthly connection. Maybe you should schedule it in your calendar that every so often you need to reset your wi-fi password to prevent all these.

2. Fluffing Your Pillow

Each night you lay your head on your pillow to sleep, you realise a little bit too late that you did not fluff your pillow. This never happens before your heavy head hits it but always after. It interrupts the normal order of things and you lose a minute of valuable sleep. And what’s worse is that you’ve probably been dreaming about this moment since your alarm went on in the morning and you had to get up, you were dreaming about this moment throughout your exhausting day at work. You can always try different variations of pillows, but the truth is that unless you remember to fluff your pillow each morning, the process of going to bed will never be as dreamy as you’d wish.

3. Washing Your Water Bottle

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Imagine that you have just come home from work. The first thing you might do is to head to the lavatory or just drop your bags and slump on your couch just before your phone vibrates with an app notification or the kids come jumping on your lap. Nobody ever remembers anything about the all-important water bottle that they left in the car or gently snuggled into their handbag. Anyway, the next morning, you leave the house too absorbed in the call that you just received from a frustrated client to care about cleaning your filthy water bottle. Just because your bottle looks as clear as glass it does not mean that it is sparkling clean and free from harmful microbes and you’ll realize this with the first sip of the day when the water tastes funny.

4. Backing Up Your Phone Contact List

Now that you lost your phone during your niece’s birthday party that ended with your crazy uncle taking you on a drinking spree to an undisclosed location, the first step is to tell everybody on social media that you lost your phone. The average life span of today’s mobile phones is about 4-5 years according to report done by Consumer Electronics Association. This only applies when you take very good care of your cell phone. Once you have posted your frustrations on social media, you have to start looking for a new phone. After spending fifty percent of your savings on purchasing the trendiest smartphone, you have to reload your contact list. The only problem is that you do not know when the last time was that you backed up the list. If you did not do so when you bought your previous phone then you will have a problem that even the astronauts at Houston won’t be able to fix. Just in case you were meticulous enough to backup your contact list on your new phone at that time, two or three years have gone by, and your contact list has tripled in size. You will still be a frustrated human being for not having marked a weekly ‘contact list back-up’ task in your digital calendar.

5. Checking the Expiry Date

You just bought perishable goods such as milk or bread. The total price when you come to the counter is within the budgeted range. You smile as you wait to pay cash or credit. When you open the car to drive off to your humble abode, you realise that you did not remember to check the expiry date of what you just bought. Did the label indicate that you have three days or just 12 hours before your house goes stinking? And there’s not much to do about it once you’re in your car. The queue at the shopping store will be longer if you go back so you leave it to chance and cross your fingers hoping that you can at least consume half of what you just bought before having to throw it away.

6. Applying Deodorant?

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When you are running late for work, there are just a couple things that you pat yourself for before you leave; your wallet, keys and cell-phone. You only smell sweat once you’ve squeezed yourself in the bus, tram or subway; or even worse, as soon as you’ve entered the office. You are not sure whether it is really you smelling or someone else. The cologne you bought recently and keep in your office drawer briefly frees you from your worries, and you proceed to make your morning coffee in the office kitchen happy that you’ve tackled the problem. A while goes by and then you have to consult a colleague about a certain document, it’s only when you bend and place your hand on the desk to place the document that you realize that the smell is back. Is it from your armpit? You start doubting whether you used deodorant in the morning. Applying deodorant is such a routine thing to do for all of us that most of the time we do it subconsciously. The only problem is that our hectic mornings mean that we forget to do things all the time, we forget to grab our lunch to bring to work, we forget to apply deodorant, in general we forget to do things that we should not be forgetting to do.

This list could go on for ages, but it might be too traumatic to continue. The truth is that the busier we are, the more things we forget. And the more we make to-do lists, the more we forget about the little things. So our advice to you is to make a to-do list for your morning routine, and stick to it faithfully. We are certain that this way you’ll never forget about applying deodorant again.