6 Great Startups to Work for: 2014

With the prospect of being able to work in a relaxed environment and flexi-time, it doesn’t come as a surprise that young professionals and fresh graduates make a beeline to startup companies. Traditional and established companies rarely offer in-house office kegs for “beer Fridays” or nap rooms for break time. The work environment in startup companies are usually more dynamic yet relaxed which generally appeals to the younger generation. And with the growing popularity as well as success of several startups, a compilation of 6 great prospects to work for now is presented below for job seekers.

Working for startups

Working for startups has its ups and downs. It’s always a little risky to join companies which are relatively young since the environment is volatile and sustainability is still questionable. However, this risk also forms part of the positive things about startup companies. There is so much potential for growth in such companies and it would be easier to climb the corporate ladder in a shorter period of time. With several successful startup companies that have turned into established, big-time corporations today, working for startups does seem like a smart move for young professionals.

  1. Pinterest

Described as a visual discovery tool, people mostly use Pinterest to collect ideas from images and pictures they see online. As a company, Pinterest is still in its startup stage although growing more established each day as it is already in its fifth year.

From the actual essence of what the company does, creative professionals would find their niche in this company as intellectual curiosity is encouraged here. Real passion for the work is important in this company as it would try to help other people become inspired through pins. The company is currently hiring throughout US primarily in Chicago, New York and California where the company is headquartered.

  1. New Relic

Another internet based company, New Relic was first established in 2008 as a software analytics company which recently launched an open SaaS platform. This startup company is a great workplace for young IT professionals who seek to work in a highly dynamic and interactive environment. Solutions are expected to be provided in real-time so there is never a dull day at work in New Relic. However, the work environment of the company is far from tense and stressful as the workers are encouraged to have fun and showcase humor and zest for life.

The company is currently hiring globally so there are many opportunities for job seekers in this highly dynamic company. The trait the company is said to be looking for in the applicants is collaboration.

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase seeks to make Bitcoin exchange easier for US residents by allowing users to buy and sell bitcoins in local currency. Although the finance industry is always perceived as a serious and formal one, the environment of the company is far from it. Although maintaining professional work, employees generally enjoy weekly team activities and meetings, rock climbing and happy hours.

Not only that, the company emphasizes on the professional growth of employees by providing needed resources to accomplish this. Currently hiring in California and other US areas remotely, young professionals who are eager to learn and develop are encouraged to join the company.

  1. ZocDoc

An online free medical scheduling service provider, the company culture of ZocDoc is open, casual and lively. This is not surprising as the core values of the company emphasizes on “make work fun.” There is a lot of flexibility in this company and also a lot of potential to grow and become future leaders.

Hiring globally, this company accepts all passionate and driven individuals regardless of background. Employees of the company come from different professions and backgrounds such as scientists, street canvassers, stage actors, musicians and more. Generally what the company is seeking are individuals who can bring and share ideas with a passion and conviction.

  1. Pivotal

One of the youngest startup companies, Pivotal Software, Inc. provides software and application development customized to fit client needs. The company believes in strong team collaboration and encourages employees to work closely together.  In fact, developers would share a single monitor while working on an app to better harmonize working together.

The company offers a wonderful opportunity for talented and creative individuals who are not afraid to take risks. If all these qualities could be found in a single individual, the executive team themselves would fly off to where the talent resides to further prove the company’s dedication to welcome new talents. And this is particularly great for applicants who are not residing in California where the company is headquartered.

  1. Lyft

A lot of new businesses seek to provide services that would make a person’s life easier. Lyft aims to do this by providing a mobile app that would facilitate the search for affordable rides. It’s sort of like a taxi service but instead of paying actual charges, passengers would give “donations” to the car owners or drivers. Their tagline “your friend with a car” says it all.

The company culture is built on trust and a family-like environment which is also reflected in the type of service that the company seeks to provide. While communication and other specialized skills are required in the company, it does place great emphasis on meaningful friendships that would be built between employees. So talented job seekers who are looking for a workplace that wouldn’t have the cut-throat environment and culture of other large corporations would thrive in this company.

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post vacancies

Working in startups brings in a lot of benefits especially to young professionals. There is so much room for growth in startup companies as well as fresh graduates and yuppies. There is much learning and experience that one can take from working in startups. Regardless if you would stay in the startup company, the experience that you take from working in a highly dynamic and growing company is priceless.






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