6 Great US Job Relocation Websites


Climbing up the corporate ladder can mean changes, and sometimes those changes are big ones. Being told you have to relocate for your job can come as a shock and once you’ve been given the news, you begin wondering – now what? While nothing can make packing up and moving for a job completely stress-free, here are some resources that may make your relocation a smoother transition process.

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Relocation Essentials

Relocation Essentials is a great free resource for anyone planning to relocate. From here you can find essential information about the local area where you are planning to move including:

  • Cost of Living
  • Schools
  • Community Comparison
  • Salary Analyzer
  • Crime
  • Community Explorer
  • Move Planner
  • Move Network

Career Perfect

CareerPerfect is actually a resume writing service, but also has many valuable free resources to assist in your relocation. It offers these free relocation tools:

  • Salary Comparison Calculator
  • Cost of Living Calculator
  • Cost of Living Comparison Calculator
  • Cost of Living Statistics
  • Free City Reports
  • Free School Reports
  • Salary Surveys by Occupation
  • Company Databases is part of the network and provides help to organize your move with these free tools:

  • Moving cost calculator
  • Packing Calculator
  • Move Planner
  • Utility Providers
  • Moving Announcements

Child Care Aware

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than making sure your children are well-cared for and adjust easily after relocation. Moving is always stressful for children, but finding the right child care provider can go a long way in easing these worries. Child Care Aware is a free website that contains a wealth of child care resources to locate the right child care provider in the community where you are moving. You can search for local child care providers and even chat live with a child care expert. There are also links to state by state child care resources. You can also call a toll-free help for further assistance.

Along with finding proper childcare, if you have children in school you will want to make sure you choose the best available schools in the area. At, you can find a list of schools in the area along with statistics on enrolment information, contact information and how many teachers are employed. For a fee, you can purchase a school system report card on the school you are considering for your child. The report card lists test score national average percentages, student to teacher ratios and school system size.

Finally, you’ll probably want to think about what you and your family can do for fun and relaxation. Once you rest up from the move you’ll want to begin seeing the sites and all that the local area has to offer. When you find out where you are going to be moving, you can request a free travel guide from The travel guides and brochures will arrive via U.S. postal service within 2-3 weeks.

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Moving across the country and saying goodbye to friends and loved ones is never easy. You can keep your stress level from going through the roof by doing a little advance planning and developing a job relocation strategy. Why make your move any harder than it has to be?