6 Hobbies That Boost Your Employability

Becoming more employable means that you make yourself more likely to get a job, usually by gaining the right skills, qualities and work experience in your chosen field. This is an idea that is being developed and reinforced by universities globally to help graduates increase their chances of landing a job as soon as they graduate. Employability literally covers everything that you can do that helps you develop your skills. So, this could include hobbies or any extra-curricular activities that you choose to get involved with.

What you do every day can say a lot about who you are, but they can also increase your employability. Check out which hobbies are likely to help you get hired.

1. Team Sports

playing sports

Any type of team sports such as football, basketball or rugby can make you more employable. This is because it shows that you are able to work as part of a team and work with other people towards to a common goal. Teamwork is important in any job as it can be useful in team-based environments and it’s a skill every employer is looking for.

2. Risky Activities

sky diving

Activities that carry a risk such as mountain climbing, mountain biking or even sky-diving suggests that you are not afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Risky hobbies show that you are more than willing to push boundaries and go the extra mile. Such activities could make you the leader every employer wants to have in their team.

3. Strategic Mind Games

woman playing chess

Games like chess, Sudoku or any other activities that help you practice your thinking abilities can increase the likelihood of you getting hired. Such activities allow you to develop different thinking strategies that enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills.

4. Creative Hobbies

artist painting

Any type of art whether it’s dancing, playing music, painting, photography or writing can help you develop your creative mind. Such hobbies allow you to express your creativity in many different ways which is great considering that this is an ability employers always look for in candidates. Creative hobbies can be especially helpful when you are searching for a job in marketing, media and PR.

5. Traveling

woman traveling

For many people traveling is a hobby, but what they don’t realise is that it can be so much more than that. Traveling is an excellent way to improve your cultural awareness thus enhancing your general knowledge - this is important in the workplace. Apart from that it also helps you meet people who come from different backgrounds who can help you broaden your horizons and see things from a different perspective.

6. Reading

man reading a book

Reading is a great hobby as it allows you to learn more and develop your knowledge. Whether it is science fiction you are into or you prefer self-development books, reading will not only help you practice your communication and writing skills but will also give a significant boost to your creativity.

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All of these hobbies can help you become more employable in one way or another. They can help you develop skills such as creativity, leadership and teamwork, which are considered necessary to be able to land a job and succeed in the long-term.  

So what are your hobbies? Let me know in the comments section below…