6 Instagram Plugins for WordPress

WordPress offers a wide range of plugins that can enhance the functionality of Instagram photos on your site. These plugins can help you accomplish tasks such as importing your Instagram photos, displaying your photos in the sidebar using a widget, providing Instagram counters or badges, and displaying a proper Instagram gallery on a page.

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Here are some of the Instagram plugins for WordPress worth considering:

1. Instagram Slider Widget

This is a responsive slider widget which is easy to install and configure. It allows you to import images from Instagram as WordPress attachments. You can then display the latest 20 images on your site. The good news is that this plugin does not require API configuration. Instagram Slider Widget gives you the option of displaying your images as thumbnails or in a slider. You can sort images by date, popularity or randomly.

2. WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget is a simple WordPress widget which allows you to display your Instagram photos on your site. Just like the Instagram Slider Widget, it does not require any API configuration. Since it does not come with any CSS or styles, you have the freedom to style the widget according to your preference. However, WP Instagram Widget comes with filters which allow you to alter the cache timings.

3. Yakadanda Instagram

This plugin comes with a shortcode as well as a widget for showcasing your photos and video from Instagram. You can display images from your own account or any other user, based on liked, feed, tags or username. Yakadanda Instagram is highly customizable and it allows you to adjust the frame rate, directions, height and speed of your Instagram images. It comes with other features such as lightboxes, social network links, and tooltips. Since it uses API, you can add more than 300 images to the gallery.

4. Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram enables you to display Instagram photos in either a carousel or grid format, both of which are highly customizable. It allows you to place your photos anywhere on your posts or pages using widgets and shortcodes. You can either display photos via your Instagram account or by using hashtags. Enjoy Instagram is completely responsive, thus ensuring a pleasant experience for mobile users.

5. Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

This is a compact, stylish and simple plugin for showcasing Instagram photos in a page, post or sidebar. You can link the photos to a lightbox slideshow, specific URL or your own Instagram page. It comes with lightbox options such as ColorBox, prettyBox and Fancybox. In addition, Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram offers many other options for customization. This plugin comes with feed storage/caching, thus ensuring fast loading speeds for your site.

6. Instagram Badges

Just like the name implies, this is a plugin which allows you to add an Instagram badge on your site via a widget. This makes it easy for your visitors to access your Instagram account with just one click. You can customize the size, username and title of your badge as you please.

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Other Instagram plugins you might want to consider for your WordPress site include Social Count Plus and Instagram Followers Shortcode.

Do you use any of these Instagram plugins for your WordPress website? Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below!




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