6 Jobs for Adults with ADHD

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If you are reading this article, then you must already be familiar with what ADHD or attention deficit hyperactive disorder means - either you are an adult that currently has ADHD or personally know someone who does.

We all know how students with ADHD often struggle to follow simple instructions, sit still or complete their homework. Even though many children manage to grow out of the impulsiveness, hyperactivity or inattentiveness linked with ADHD, 60% of kids continue to struggle with ADHD as adults.

Even though this disorder makes the life of children and adults alike more challenging, it also comes with a unique set of strengths. Therefore, if you are interested to find a career that would suit an adult with ADHD you need to focus on those key strengths to build a strong professional career.

1. Police Officers and Firefighters


All firefighters or police officers are busy all the time. Since no two days will be the same for them, it is a good option for adults who have ADHD as they hate a monotonous routine. These adults are fascinated with constant change; they want a work environment that they continually need to adapt, analyze and will stimulate them.

It might be a bit difficult during the training process, but with the help of a mentor any problems can be easily overcome, and once they become firefighters or police officers they will be busy and excited all the time.

2. Doctors and Nurses

Adults with ADHD tend to prefer fast-paced environments like that of an ambulance or an emergency room. Like the previous point, they will never be stuck in a monotonous routine as all days are different in these environments.

However, since these environments usually require long hours and stacks of paperwork, ADHD adults will need strong support from colleagues and staff members who will be willing to help them with any possible weaknesses caused by ADHD.

3. Artists and Entertainers


The high-energy drive of ADHD adults can boost their creative career in all aspects of the entertainment industry. They could be a ballet dancer, a graphic artist, an actor or any similar role that others would find exhausting. Any of these roles could easily become their dream job.

4. Salespeople

Usually, people with ADHD are very sociable and easy to talk to. They could take advantage of this natural skill by pursuing a career in sales. This is a job that depends hugely on excellent communication skills so people with ADHD can quickly become successful salespeople.

5. Members of the Military


I know, your first impression is that a place where discipline and order are key is the worst place a person with ADHD could work in. However, there are many people that succeed in the armed forces because the physical demands and strong mental focus required during training helps keep their bodies and minds engaged and focused. People with ADHD can thrive in places where they have clear commands, purpose and motivation to reach goals.

6. Mechanics

Another hands-on, physical job that would keep ADHD individuals happy is working on boats, cars or motorcycles. As a mechanic, they would be working on different projects all the time, required to use their critical thinking skills and have face to face interactions with others. This could be the perfect job for those who don’t ever want to feel trapped working behind a desk in a cold and monotonous environment.

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Can you think of any other jobs that would be perfect for individuals with ADHD? Let us know in the comments section below.