6 Jobs for People Who Hate People

How many times have you caught yourself lying through your teeth at a job interview as you reeled off all of the many reasons you love to be around people? Perhaps you’ve read over your application form for a customer service role and wondered just who this fabulously friendly person you’re describing is -the one who lives to greet, meet and please people. If the real you is more at home with Netflix than meeting new people and if you constantly strain yourself trying not to roll your eyes at your colleagues then help is at hand. We have searched high and low through a wide range of job sectors and skill sets to find the six most suitable career choices for every social caterpillar out there.

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Dog Walking

daniel radcliff dog walking

We get it, you can’t stand to be around people. They talk too much, ask stupid questions, invade your personal space. But as for dogs... who doesn’t love them? If you prefer your friends to have four legs rather than two, then a job as a dog walker might be something well worth considering.

Most dog owners feel stressed by the fact that while they themselves are working a full time job, their beloved and pampered pooch is stuck at home without being able to get in a good day’s walk. This is where the role of the dog walker comes in. For many, dog walking may be a handy way to pocket some extra cash on top of another part time or working from home job. However, throw yourself into this fast growing market and you could make quite a lucrative career out of simply strolling round with your neighbors’ pets.

It’s a dog eat dog (no pun intended) industry, and the most dedicated doggy handlers have eye catching websites and any even hire out private fields, so make sure you do your research before embarking on this human-free occupation. If you’re more of a cat person then you’ll be happy to hear that similarly, cat house sitting is fast becoming a popular way for pet owners to keep their feline friends fed and looked after during the working day. 

Museum Curator or Archivist

Night at the Museum

If your favorite type of person is one who cannot talk, then those who passed away tens of thousands of years ago are probably the ideal work buddies for you. History buffs are not the only ones who dream of working in a museum, museum jobs are also ideal for anyone and everyone out there who simply hates dealing with people.  

Curators and archivists both work within museum settings; preserving, obtaining and organizing historical artefacts. An archivist typically works with the preservation of documents and historic records, while the responsibilities of a museum curator can include tasks as broad as managing inventory, creating and designing exhibits and writing grants. Whichever appeals to you more, museum work is a great choice for you if you absolutely love history, but hate people. This type of work is independent and time consuming, which means that archivists and curators spend much of their working day working alone. Besides, with a job like this, you’ll be far too busy dealing with vital objects from history to deal with idle small talk. 


Tom Hanks Writing

This vague job title can cover a whole range of roles, from newspaper journalists, to script writers to fund raising bid writers. However, when it comes to avoiding people, a writing from home job such as blogging or freelancing could be the perfect choice for you. Let’s face it, when you’re far from being a people’s person, the commute to and from work can be one of the most unappealing times of the working day. So, imagine cutting out the personal space invasions of grueling train rides or the inevitable road rage of rush hour traffic.

If you are a talented writer -even if you have only ever imagined writing as a hobby or pastime- then you could put this skill to good use and pursue a career in freelance writing. Launching a career blogging or freelance content writing is by no means an easy endeavour. However, there are many advantages to consider. For example, when it comes to people you love to hate, we’re willing to bet that your bosses have always come pretty high up in your list. If this is the case, then what could be better than self- employment and in an industry where you communicate with colleagues, agents and editors mostly over the phone or by email? 


girl next to river

Ron Swanson, once said "This tree is strong and quiet, and always there when you need it. Or whatever." Maybe it’s time for you to take a leaf from the Swanson book of life and become one with nature. Imagine the peace and quiet you will finally be able to experience when working as a gardener. If you’re agriculturally inclined or have a natural green thumb, then it could be well worth looking into courses and training to become a full time professional gardener. When this is your job, you will be paid to work in your own company all day every day. And if anyone dares to try and disturb your quiet working hours, then you will are likely to have a sharp pair of garden shears at hand.


vicky christina barcelona
The Times New Roman

It goes without saying that artistry stands a slim chance of being the best paid job out there. However, with the right amount of talent and dedication you can transform your part time hobby into a full time career. If you have always dreamed of putting your artistic skills to good use and pursuing a career in art then there are several paths to go down, from street art, to teaching and selling art online. Although you can never say for certain whether you will gain financial stability from producing art, this is a career which guarantees a creative outlet and genuine job satisfaction. However, the most important benefit of becoming an artist is that it requires more alone time than perhaps any other job out there. When and where you work is entirely up to you. Some artists work from home, whereas others spend all day every day hidden away in their own private studio. And if this isn’t enough, then consider the fact that you can express your frustration with people through your own artistic creations.

Lorry Driver

Road trip

If your favorite part of traveling to visit far flung friends and family is the long solitary drive to there and back, then you could possibly consider a career in long distance driving. If you are over 18 and have a driving license, then you are elligible to undertake training as a driver hauling heavy goods vehicles (HGV) across long distances.

The constant demand for truck and lorry drivers means that there is currently an excellent rate of pay for jobs in the industry. Many companies also offer incredible bonus schemes, plus driving is a wonderful way to see some new and exciting places. But the real benefit of a career in HGV driving? 99% of your working day consists of you being alone on the open road with nothing but your radio on full blast and a bobble-headed dashboard figurine for company. Sounds perfect!

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So, there you have it. The six most suitable career paths for those of you who have absolutely no time for your fellow humans. Of course there are even more extreme options out there. Maybe if these jobs seem a little too sociable for your liking you could look into becoming a grave digger, lighthouse keeper or perhaps even winning the lottery and living as a full time millionaire recluse.