6 Manual Jobs That Robots Can Never Replace

There is no doubt about the fact that the fast development of robots is threatening more and more human jobs. As they learn to perform more human tasks with better speeds and efficiency, it has forced men to think about the future of employment. Are there ways to remain irreplaceable as living workers?

This is a concern for the future and you do not have to panic. However, if you are young, you must know these facts and be cautious. You must look to choose a career path that is safeguarded against robot takeover.

Here are few suggestions to help you.

1. A career in professional sports 

There are 100 million sports fans around. We all love to play and watch sports. But would you like to watch a stadium filled with robots, playing a game of soccer? Will that be fun? May be for some time, you may watch it for the novelty factor.

Sport is a compelling activity. We love our sports players as much as we love the sport itself. The fun that lies with the rivalries, the history, the stakes and the athleticism that we all like to experience, computers will never fulfill them.

2. A career in creative arts

Of course, technology has enabled creative endeavors. Illustrator, Photoshop and other digital art tools have enhanced the skills of a graphic artist. Advancements in camera have contributed to cheaper and more convenient digital photography. But that does not mean technology or computers can replace creative endeavors. Art exhibits human imagination, creativity and improvisation, which computers can never have.

3. Education

Yes, technology is already changing the landscape of education. However, it can never eradicate the role of a human teacher. Websites offering online courses are gaining in popularity but even in these cases, the content is created by human beings.

How about subjects that are not as objective as math and science or is not based on knowledge? Even that is far from possibility. Will computers ever understand the nuances of literature, art or music? The demand for personal and individual tutoring would make it impossible for robots to take over these jobs.

4. Healthcare and Medicine

It is true that the aspects of drugs based on medical details, data analysis and technical expertise can be automated reasonably. However, there are several elements of a healthcare job that computers will never be able to handle. Things like making a tough choice from incomplete medical data, handling human psychology and many others are far from a robot’s reach.

5. Quality Assurance

Ever since automations have been part of human activities, many errors have occurred. The breaking down of machines, the rusting of metals, the wearing out of cogs and the frying of motherboards are few examples. Quality assurance is never required under perfect conditions. But in a real world, there will be errors somewhere and only human beings will be able to spot them.

How about making a quality assurance machine to hunt for errors? You will get into an infinite regression. What if your quality assurance machine breaks down? Make a second quality assurance machine to correct the first? A human interference comes in at some point. 

6. Law and Politics

Robots taking over justice makers and politicians? You would be laughing at the idea already.

Computers will never be posted in charge of countries, states, cities and towns. They will never be making new laws. They can never make judicial decisions. The fact that juries, law makers, judges and governors will require a sense of human discernment; will keep them safe from robots. 

As a job seeker, you are better off looking for jobs that require more elements of human behavior. Jobs that require you to be creative, imaginative, innovative and requires your compassion and intuition are more likely to be safe.

What other jobs do you think computers will never replace. Share your view in the comment section below.

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