6 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business

When it comes to choosing a name for your business you want to be certain you have chosen the right one. Without a doubt, there is a lot you need to consider prior naming your business, but do you know what you have to avoid when you are doing just that?  

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid when naming your business:

#1 Name too plain

A business name needs to be simple, but can’t be plain. You want the name to be interesting and unique in order to stand out from the rest within the market. Hit the competition by creating a powerful name that is going to be memorable and at the same time appealing to your target audience. Obviously you don’t want your business name to be so common that it encourages people to flock to your competitors, right?

#2 Name too wordy

It’s never a good idea to make your business name too wordy or long. This makes it more difficult for consumers to actually remember the name, thus ending up forgetting that your business even exists! What’s important is to create a name that is catchy. In fact, one-word brands are the most effective, so the shorter the better.

#3 Making it all about you

Don’t make your business name about you; focus on what the client wants instead. This way you are presenting your business as a consumer-friendly organisation that is willing to help its customers. This trick is all about constructing a name around what your clients want and what your clients will get.

#4 Choosing a weak sounding name

Another common mistake is choosing a weak sounding name. This is not recommended because you want your business name to be sharp, powerful and make a good strong impression. Words that start or end with consonants such as Gr, Cr Br are really strong so consider the letters and “their sound” before naming your business. Here are some letter indications:

  • Letter Q: is unique and has strong identity.
  • Letters V, X and Z: have been associated with cutting-edge products.
  • Letter M: has the ability to soften a word.
  • Letter K: is a hard consonant that gets your attention and is often remembered. In particular the letter K and its strong sound is used by many successful companies, such as Kodak, CocaCola, Nokia and McDonalds.

#5 Name is too generic

You don’t really want your business name to be generic. Make sure that the name is able to represent your field of expertise and that it relates to the services and products you are offering.  This means that it should be descriptive and suggestive. However, your goal shouldn’t be to create a name that just describes your brand; instead a name that distinguishes your brand. You could get a second opinion from your friends and family or search how other similar businesses made use of the name to provide references to their services.

#6 Using someone else’s brand

Make sure that the name doesn’t already exist and that you are not violating other businesses trademarks. It might help if you check the registry for trademarks in the countries you want to do business. Visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website to see if your proposed name is already being used in the US, GOV.UK for United Kingdom, IP Australia for Australia and OHIM for rest of Europe.  

Make certain that you know what you have to avoid when naming your business so you don’t end up making these mistakes. What has helped you choose a name for your business? Leave your comments below.


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