6 Mistakes you need to Stop Making in your Job Search

Searching for a job and being unsuccessful can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s confidence. The more vacancies you apply for, the better chances of landing a job – however it also increases your chances of facing rejection.

Make sure that you are not making any of the following 7 mistakes in your job search to ensure that you are successful next time:

#1 Overlooking the Importance of Research

Job applications require patience and time; therefore job seekers need to allocate a couple of hours researching the industry and companies that are hiring to find out where and when to apply. By becoming aware of hiring trends and requirements, you can make sure that you know of vacancies and application procedures that are followed in your industry.

#2 Not Sending an Interview Thank You Note

Yes, you had a good interview and are waiting for the good news to arrive any day. This is the time and opportunity many job seekers need to seize to set them apart from the crowd. By writing a professional and well structured thank you letter, you can put yourself ahead of competition and obtain information about the hiring decision.

#3 Forgetting to Proofread their CV and Cover Letter

Incorrect spelling and poor grammar is the biggest mistake one can make when applying for jobs. Make sure that you proofread your CV and cover letter multiple times to be sure that it has no mistakes. Ask a friend or a member of your family to look over the documents for further verification.

#4 Having a Negative Attitude towards the Job Search

Facing rejection many times is expected to knock down your confidence and self-esteem. It is therefore important to keep a positive and enthusiastic approach towards your job search as a bad attitude is likely to be picked up by recruiters during the interview stage.

#5 Ignoring Resources to Look for Jobs

There is a vast number of resources available to the modern job seeker – including online and offline mediums. It is imperative to consider all platforms, from newspapers and magazines to company websites and online recruitment websites, to ensure that you apply for the most suitable positions.

#6 Not Using Social Media

Social media provides job seekers with the opportunity to create their personal brand and become visible to recruiters from the ease of a click. Create a LinkedIn profile to act as your online CV, as well as start a blog to advertise your capabilities online. This will make you searchable as well as prominent in the eyes of employers.