6 Must-have Business Applications for Tablet Users

tablet apps

While buying a business tablet, you should always consider three major operating systems; iOS 7, Android KitKat and Windows 8.1. If you want to get an edge as a professional, tablet apps can add productivity to your business. You can use these apps for better business planning, creating professional documents, and communicating with customers.

Here are the best business applications for your tablets:

1. Dropbox

Ubuntu One was a commonly used cloud-based storage application, but a few newer apps took the place such as Dropbox. Almost all third-party applications with cloud support work well with Dropbox. It is well-supported business app that can be installed free of cost.

2. Netflix

If you’ve watched Netflix streaming on televisions and phones a number of times, you would love to install it to your tablet for completing various office tasks. Netflix always has something to offer to its users. It lets you transfer your files and important spreadsheets from mobile to tablet. You can then edit and save them according to your requirements. You don’t have to worry about losing the huge chunks of contents of your smartphone, just transfer them to your office tab and work hassle-free.

3. Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office lets the professionals enjoy better support for file formats than many of the common applications. This business app works well with all types of documents, which means you can edit and save pdf files, word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentation slides. This particular app has built-in cloud storage services, providing easy-to-use interface.

4. Locale

The Locale application makes use of artificial intelligence geo-fencing algorithms for enabling location awareness in no time. You can install this application to your tablet for letting the device act in a user-configured way. By entering a specific location, you’ll get all information about it. Find a lot of plugins on Google Play to enhance your experience with Locale.

5. ASTRO File Manager

Being a businessman, you won’t be short of file manager applications, but ASTRO File Manager is standing above the others because of its amazing SMB plugin. Using this application, you can move your files from your tab to smartphone or another tab without using and cloud storage service. One of the best features of ASTRO File Manager is its powerhouse search tool. With this feature, you’ll be hard-pressed losing important files and documents because everything is automatically saved in your files directory.

6. Breevy Text Expander

With Breevy Text Expander you can easily do typing on your table. You just need to define the abbreviations of words and phrases instead of typing longer texts. This is a great way to create documents instantly.

Running a business isn’t easy these days. You always need to change business intuitions and ensure that you and are able to work remotely. If you had been searching for some stable business applications, these can cover your bases. Make sure to focus more on the performance of your tablet and install an antivirus because the functioning of these professional apps can be ruined due to viral threats.