6 Must-Have Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays, many people run exams and quizzes on their sites or blogs. With all the functionalities required, creating such quizzes from scratch can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are several free WordPress plugins that could make things easier for you.

1. Wp-Pro-Quiz

This is a good-looking and powerful WordPress quiz plugin. It comes with a wide range of features which allows you to create your own quiz templates using the visual editor. Wp-Pro-Quiz allows you to display questions randomly or by category. In addition, you can set the time limit for your quizzes, display each user’s score, as well as the average score. It supports multiple languages including Danish, Czech, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, and Slovak.

2. Quiz Master Next

Quiz Master Next offers a simple way of adding multiple contact forms, surveys, tests and quizzes to your site. You can create unlimited quizzes and add them to your pages using a shortcode. You can choose between different types of questions including multiple choice, drop down, true and false, open answer or multiple response. Once users take a quiz, the plugin automatically saves the results. You can grade the quiz based on a points system or a correct/incorrect system. In addition, the plugin allows you to send emails to users with results, as well as create customized certificates.

3. Chained Quiz

This is a unique plugin which allows you to ‘chain’ questions together. This means that the next question is determined by your answer to the previous question. It comes with a visual editor which allows you to create open-end (essay), multiple choice or single choice questions. You can choose what happens when a specific answer is selected. For instance, you could go to the next question or finish the quiz. Chained Quiz would therefore be a perfect plugin for creating online examinations.

4. SlickQuiz

This easy-to-use plugin allows you to customize your score and ranking text, error messages and button text. You can choose whether to show the correct or incorrect message at the end of the quiz or after each question. SlickQuiz allows you to have multiple quizzes on the same page, as well as unlimited questions and answers. You can share scores with users via email, Facebook or Twitter.

5. mTouch Quiz

This plugin was specifically designed for people who use mobile devices with touchscreens. It comes with large buttons for answers which are easy to touch. You can specify if users can attempt a question multiple times or just once. In addition, mTouch Quiz allows you to leave comments for correct answers, offer hints for wrong answers, and assign customizable points to each question. You can also customize your start and finish screens.

6. Watu

Watu allows you to create questions with multiple or single answers. Quizzes can be embedded in pages and posts using short codes. You can choose to show your results at the end of the quiz, immediately after every question, or not at all. Every time someone takes the quiz, you will get an email notification.

Take time to evaluate the plugins listed above and select one which is best suited for your needs.


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