6 Occasions When a Promotion is Not Worth It

6 Occasions When a Promotion is Not Worth It cinemania

Every employee wants to be promoted, especially if they have worked in the same position for a long time. Promotion usually comes with perks such as a fancy title, a bigger office, a fat paycheck and additional benefits. However, though moving up the corporate ladder appears to be desirable, there are times when it would be advisable to decline an offer of promotion.

Here are some of the occasions when turning down a promotion would be the best thing to do:

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1. When your job might be less secure

There is no guarantee that a promotion will give you more job security. On the contrary, it might just make you more vulnerable to being laid off. When companies are carrying out cost cutting measures, they usually fire the top and middle level managers rather that the lower ranked workers. On such occasions, it would be better off staying at a lower level.   


2. When the new position comes with no real authority

When you are promoted, you will be held accountable for the performance of a department or team. However, you might be frustrated to discover that your title does not come with real authority. There could be some external parties that actually run the show in your department or team. These entities are likely to make all the major decisions, leaving you answerable for the outcomes. Therefore, before accepting a promotion, find out how much control you will have in the decision making.

3. When the position requires relocation

At times, moving up the corporate ladder will require you to relocate to a different city or country. While some people would see this as an exciting opportunity, others might find the change in location to be bothersome. This is especially the case for people who have families, friends or other commitments in their current location. Therefore, if moving to a different location is likely to disrupt your life significantly, the promotion might not be worth it.

4. When the promotion comes without additional perks

Some organizations will give you additional responsibilities and even add ‘executive’ or ‘senior’ to your title. At times, such positions don’t come with higher pay or other benefits. If you are not being compensated for the extra work, then it would be advisable to reconsider accepting the ‘promotion’. However, you can take up the offer if it will give you the chance of acquiring new skills which could come in handy later.

5. When you are planning to leave the company

You might have been planning for years to leave your job after saving enough to start your own business. However, just months before you make your exit, your boss offers you a promotion. Accepting such an offer would not make any sense since you will not be with the company for much longer. This also applies to someone who was planning to leave a company which is continually making losses. Getting a promotion does not mean that the performance of the company will change.

6. When the job would have a negative impact on your work/life balance

In some cases, promotion means longer hours at the office due to increased responsibilities. In addition, you might have to be constantly on call or on the road. If you have children or other dependants who require your attention, taking the promotion would not be wise. It would also be advisable to decline the promotion if you are taking a course which requires time for study and attending class.

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Have you ever declined a promotion? What were your reasons? Please share with us in the comments section below.