6 Places to Find Your Target Market…that you Didn’t Know About

The invention of the Internet has changed the small business arena for the better. No longer do they have to rely on free marketing opportunities to survive and flourish. Now they can reach their ideal audience with the greatest of ease without paying a penny.

Finding your target market is half the battle. When you find them you have to build the relationship. Things like sharing useful content and solving problems helps to build this relationship. Over time, your target audience will develop that crucial loyalty, which will lead to sales.

So let’s take a look at six unorthodox places where you can find your target audience.

  1.       Meetup Groups

Meetup groups on sites like offer you access to the largest network of groups based in specific locality. There are 18 million members on this site across the world, and they all have radical and varied interests.

Many of these groups accept guest speakers. If you have a group relevant to your business in your area, see if they would be open to having someone from your business as a guest speaker.

  1.       Forums and Message Boards

Social media has become the preferred way for people to chat and communicate, but forums remain popular. And there’s a forum to suit practically any niche in the world. Use Alexa as a way to find the message boards relevant to your business. Once you’ve got your target audience, start posting. 

  1.       The Society of Professional Journalists Freelancer Directory

It’s a mouthful, but it’s also where you’re going to find journalists who cover your sector. This Freelancer Directory has listings for 2,000 freelance journalists. The best part is you can email them directly from the website. You can also Google each journalist to find out more about them.

Googling them will save you time and ensure you’re targeting the right people.

  1.       Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio is the largest online radio and podcast platform in the world. There are twenty categories all with a range of niches within. The chances are you can find a niche close to your business. The audience might be tiny, but by getting in touch with the relevant radio show you can potentially offer yourself a new platform, or you may even want to consider creating your own radio show or podcast.

  1.       Eventbrite

 Eventbrite is a software platform used to sell tickets and entries to events. You can find practically anything on here from art classes to tech conferences. Anyone can post an event on here if they register for it.


For the small business, this is the chance to find out about events close to you. If you feel like networking on a face-to-face basis, this can tell you where you need to go. Furthermore, you can find out about the groups hiring speakers.

  1.       Quora

Quora is a question and answer website where experts answer questions from the general public. It’s a free website where anyone can register. All you have to do is create a profile and tell Quora what sort of topics you’re interested in. You’ll get a message filled with questions you may be able to answer.

It’s a site dedicated to more tech-orientated expertise, but most businesses should be able to find a niche. Answer questions and speak to people directly. In time, your expertise will give your business a positive reputation as an authority in your field.

On a side note, there are hundreds of journalists frequenting this website. It can give your business a chance to connect with someone who would be willing to cover your activities.

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