6 Reasons to Utilize Coworker Mentors at Your Company

As a business owner or manager of a company, have you ever considered utilizing your own seasoned employees to mentor other more inexperienced employees? There are certain advantages for the management of a company to promote a program where coworkers mentor each other. With regard to the mentoring, it does not necessarily mean that a younger employee cannot mentor an older one. The mentoring partnership should be based on knowledge and experience in the chosen field and who has the right amount of expertise to train another employee. This article will discuss 6 reasons why management should consider utilizing coworkers to mentor other employees in their company.

1. Easy Access for Mentoring

One reason that management would benefit from implementing  a coworker mentoring program is that there will be easy access for mentorship. The mentoring coworker and the employee being mentored are located in the same building and the training time can easily be scheduled during the work day.

If the mentee needs instant assistance, the mentor would be readily available. However, during the mentorship process, the mentee needs to grow and develop and not necessarily need the mentor at every moment. The relationship should become productive, not co-dependent.

2. Advice is Company-Centric

Another reason to utilize such a mentoring program in the workplace is that the advice which the mentor will provide is company-centric. The management can rest assured that the mentee will not need to wade through useless advice. Rather, he can have immediate access to information that is pertinent to his job and specific on how to become more productive in the workplace.

3. Open-Minded Perspective

The mentee will receive an open-minded perspective about the company from an actual employee, rather than receiving training from a manager. Both coworkers should be better able to relate to each other on a peer-based level. This type of user-friendly relationship can assist the mentee in further developing as a professional who can become more productive in the company.

4. Continuing Workplace Benefits

When two coworkers who are compatible work together in a mentoring relationship, they can accomplish great things. Management would definitely benefit from using this mentoring program because the fruits of their labors will continue to allow the coworkers to grow and develop as professionals. That will also benefit the company in the long run.

5. Candid Constructive Criticism

Another reason to use this mentoring program is that the criticism will be more candid and constructive when the coworkers work together with one intention in mind—professional growth and development. The mentor will be able to directly evaluate the mentee’s work without any lag time as if the mentor was located outside the company. As two colleagues working together with one goal in mind, they will be able to accept the need for genuine advice and criticism.

6. An Approachable Relationship

The final reason that management should consider using a coworker mentoring program at their company is that the relationship will be more approachable, and the mentee will feel more at ease when seeking assistance. The intimidation factor will be less, and the personal growth and development factor will be greater.

Have you utilized a coworker mentoring program in your company? If you have, were the results positive?




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