6 Reasons You’re not as Successful as You Should Be


In every venture or activity that you involve yourself in, you always look to be successful. However, there are instances that things may not go your way, and you fall short of your goals. If you are not as successful as you think you should be, then evaluate yourself for these possible reasons.

1. You Talk and Think Much, Do Less

There is a huge difference between discussing ideas and implementing them. Talking about what you are going to do and envisioning yourself having achieved is not doing you any favors as far as being successful is concerned. You have tons of ideas, but you don’t act on them. Too much talk and thoughts only derail your actual efforts. Avoid talking the talk and start walking the walk.

2. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure, judgments from people, challenges and fear of the unknown are holding you back from utilizing and reaching your full potential. If thoughts of the future keep ringing in your mind reminding you that you might fail, block the thoughts. Remember that, failures guide successful people towards their goals. Tackle challenges and don’t fear people’s judgments because in the end when you are successful, the same people will praise your exemplary efforts.

3. Low Self Esteem

Another reason, for not being successful, is basing your lack of success on petty excuses like you’re not rich enough, you are not good-looking or you lack the connections to propel you. There are successful businesspersons and frugal billionaires who started building their lives with almost nothing. They achieved all they have because they believed they can and never let anyone tell them otherwise. Steer clear of low self-esteem issues as they can kill your ambitions.

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is a time management killer. If you often procrastinate, then perhaps you will never reach your intended objective destination or you’ll arrive when it’s too late. Time is essential, postponing your duties and activities slows you down. Eliminate the excuses in your life that are preventing you from moving forward. Focus on your main goals, and stop wasting time on small and unimportant tasks that don’t contribute to your success.

5. Lack of Motivation

Everyone needs motivation now and then to boost their morale and give them that little nudge to get things done. Lack of motivation can be a cause for not reaching your intended heights. To get motivation, attend motivational speakers’ conferences and read inspirational books especially by successful people. Motivational speeches help to rejuvenate you when you feel low.

6. Laziness

Nothing will ever come to you on a silver platter and more so success. You can’t expect just to rest on your laurels and expect your business or venture to yield benefits. The theme of success is hard work and never giving up. Laziness is one of the main hindrances to success. Avoid sitting down and ordering people to do this and that for you. Rather, get involved and work twice as hard as those around you.

Other reasons to look out for include social negativity that refers to people around you who are not supporting your cause and only know how to derail you and taking the wrong advice.