6 Reasons You Should Be an Intrapreneur at Work

Basically, an intrapreneur is an entrepreneur that works exclusively for a specific firm. They are more commonly referred to as inside entrepreneurs. Companies hire these professionals to produce innovative projects, and develop them just like an independent entrepreneur would. Though most people associate intrapreneurial duties with a lot of insecurity, this should not be the case. Here are some of the reasons why you should venture into this line of career.

1. Establishes Recognition

Being an intrapreneur is one of the easiest ways of getting recognition in the workforce. Not only will undertaking innovative projects diversify your portfolio of skills, but it may also earn you acknowledgement and positive references in your field of expertise. Although you may not reap the rewards for your success until after a number of successful ventures, you will likely build a strong client base in the long run.

2. Makes Work More Desirable

There is a sense of fulfillment that comes with being an intrapreneur. Since the job description often includes interacting with people to execute innovative ideas, you may use this as an opportunity to establish and gauge your worth. Knowing that your workmates and clients understand your significance can help give you a sense of contentment that ultimately makes life at work more enjoyable.

3. Promotes Creative Thinking

In organizations with an innovative atmosphere, employees are less likely to resist change. Your presence as an intrapreneur is enough to encourage people to share valuable insights and ideas. While this kind of participation may promote quick feedback and active participation during innovative enactments, it will also eventually improve the entire company’s productivity. 

4. Promotes Stability

Firms that encourage innovation often enjoy more economic stability in comparison to other companies. Since these companies make faster adaptations in order to stay competitive in their industries, they have a better chance of survival. Hence, intrapreneurs who work for such companies not only enjoy employment stability, but also have income security even in the event of failure.

5. Easy Access to Resources

Generally, intrapreneurs are at liberty to utilize any of the company’s resources, provided that they can yield beneficial results. The sustenance provided by their companies is mostly in form of equipment, multi-disciplinary teams, and departments that support trial and error projects. Under special circumstances, the companies may also bring in renowned experts from particular fields to give them advice and help in executing cumbersome projects. Subsequently, the easy access to resources in this field acts as a source of motivation and increases the intrapreneurs’ chances of success.

6. High Demand

Recent research has established that individuals with intrapreneurial tendencies yield more positive results. This is mostly attributed to the fact that such professionals can easily maintain their company’s growth while adjusting to any form of competition. As a result, individuals with job-specific skills and diversified intrapreneurial capabilities are in high demand.


You may venture into this field either as a business and marketing specialist, or as a consultant in the entrepreneurial field. Either way, the outcome will be rewarding in the long-run.