6 Thankless Jobs That Deserve More Respect

There are so many jobs out there, but there are some that no one cares about or shows them the respect they deserve. Some people truly deserve a break.

When we are young, we’re told to follow our dreams and always do what truly makes us happy. We are often told the famous motto “find a job you love and you’ll never work again.” But the truth is; whether you do what pays the bills or makes you happy, there are some jobs that many of us completely disregard.

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The saddest part of it is that most people work their socks off only to get disrespected and unfortunately, this ultimately affects their happiness, productivity and work life, in general. So, it is no longer a question of pay; it is about respect. Just imagine if you had to wait tables that paid you hundreds of dollars a day, but all your customers were angry, irritable people berating you for not bringing them the “right” shade of vinegar.

Some people deserve a break. Here are six thankless jobs that deserve more respect.

1. Teachers

funny strict teacher

“Oh yeah, teachers. They don't really work. They only working from 9-3 every day and have 6 weeks off in the summer.”

Teachers work their socks off to ensure the next generation is not stupid as hell, and usually, do a good job, too. They have to mark tests and essays and work during the summer to prepare the upcoming year’s lessons. Not to mention, they have to put up with all the bratty kids every single day.

2. Retail Workers

Retail is a difficult field. You have to work long hours for very little money, and it is either boring as hell, or full-speed ahead. And contrary to popular belief, not everyone can do well in retail. In fact, sometimes people who work efficiently never even get a “well-done” from their boss.

3. Customer Service Reps

Shout out to every single customer service representative out there. These people have to sit and listen to everyone’s crazy questions all day, with patience and without killing themselves or us. Whenever we need something, they are always there for to help us. And when we can’t get what we want from them, it is usually not their fault, but the company’s fault instead.

4. Cleaners

If it wasn’t for these awesome people, we’d be living like filthy animals. We all know that human beings are terrible at cleaning up after themselves; this is where cleaners come in to save the day.

5. Interns

Interns usually get paid nothing but have to do all the sh*tty things we all avoid doing. They are never respected and sometimes people don’t even recognize their existence despite the long hours they have to work.

6. Traffic Wardens

This one may be one of the most controversial on our list. However, traffic wardens need to be respected more. Not everyone likes them, but usually, those who don’t like them are the people who tend to park like idiots or drive very dangerously. Don’t blame them for keeping us safe.

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Can you think of any other careers that deserve more respect? Let us know in the comments section below.