6 Things Hiring Managers Think But Never Say

hr manager and an applicant in a job interview

A job interview is always nerve racking. You only have a couple of seconds to make a good first impression and a few minutes to convince them you are the best candidate for that job. You have to answer tricky questions, use your body language to prove you are a confident individual and make sure that you ask them specific questions at the end to show your interest in the job.

You have to do all of these while a hiring manager with a poker face is sitting right opposite of you, judging you.

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Aren’t you curious to find out what they might be thinking about you? Well, we have put a list of 6 things together that a hiring manager might be thinking but never says:

1. Is He Always Going to Be Late?

late for work

Although you are a very punctual person and always on time, if you show up late to your interview, the hiring manager will believe this is a regular occurrence for you. They could think that if you were truly interested and serious about the job you would have made the effort to ensure that you were on time.

2. Will She Leave The Company in a Couple of Months?

If you had previously been working at a company for a short period of time (less than a year), then they may be wondering whether you could commit to a long-term job. They are worried that if you leave them after only a couple of months, they will have to go through this whole difficult and costly procedure again.

3. Is This How She’ll Dress for Work?


If you come to an interview dressed up in unprofessional attire, you will definitely get a raised eyebrow from the people interviewing you. You know the saying “dress for the job you want” well, this is what it is referring to. If you come to your interview wearing flip-flops and a short skirt, then the interviewers will assume you are not professional enough for them.

4. Is He Always Careless?

What is one of the most important things about resumes? To always proofread it before you send it out. If your resume is full of grammatical mistakes, then you might not even get called into the interview. Having a job that doesn’t involve much writing is not an excuse; they want to ensure that whoever they hire pays attention to their work and is careful enough not to have mistakes so their supervisor won’t have to deal with them.

5. Is He a Liar?


If an interviewer asks you a question and you hesitate to answer, then the hiring manager will instantly believe that you lied on your resume. I am not saying that you are a liar, you just might be very nervous- after all, you are being interviewed for your dream job, but, unfortunately, they won’t see it that way. That’s why it’s very important to practice beforehand, so you can confidently speak and prove you are worth it in an interview.

6. Her Personality Won’t Match The Rest of The Team

It is true that your experience and skills are extremely important when it comes to the hiring managers’ decisions. However, your personality has an equally important role on whether you are the best candidate or not. This can be a bit tricky for you as you can never be sure of what the interviewer might be looking for, but this is where your thorough research on the company culture can be used. Prove to them that you’d be a good fit for the team!

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Have you ever come across an interviewer that was brutally honest throughout the interview? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below...




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