6 Thumbnail Plugins for WordPress

Thumbnails are a critical element of any site. They are useful for enhancing the appearance of webpages and attracting the attention of visitors. The following are some awesome WordPress plugins that can help enhance the appearance and functionality of your thumbnails:

1. Video Thumbnails

Whenever you publish a post on your site, this plugin will automatically create a thumbnail of the first video embedded. You can then save the thumbnails on your server and display them on your site if you please. This plugin even offers support for custom fields and custom post types. The premium version comes with features such as widescreen cropping, maximum image sizes, a customizable upload directory, and even bulk scanning of thumbnails. Video Thumbnails supports a wide range of sites including Youku, Tudou, Livestream, MPORA, Wistia, Rutube, CollegeHumor, DailyMotion, Twitch, Metacafe, Blip, VK, Vimeo, Yahoo Screen, YouTube, and Vine. This plugin has been translated into several international languages.

2. WordPress Responsive Thumbnail Slider

This responsive image slider allows you to insert your thumbnails into sliders. You can then use a shortcode to insert the sliders into your theme files, pages or posts. This plugin gives you the option of adding, editing or deleting your slider images, as well as previewing the slider before inserting it. WordPress Responsive Thumbnail Slider also allows you to adjust image width and height, change slider speed, and control the background color. The premium version comes with multiple sliders, slider easing effects, an image order field. and the ability to upload images using a media uploader.

3. Featured Image Thumbnail Grid

Featured Image Thumbnail Grid allows you to display the featured images in your bookmarks and posts in a grid fashion. When visitors click on the thumbnails, they will be directed to your post. You can control the order of thumbnails, the number of thumbnails displayed, the thumbnail sizes, and the thumbnail categories.

4. Nelio External Featured Image

Nelio External Featured Image is perfect for anyone that stores images in external services. This plugin makes it easy for you to import featured images from an external URL. You could even hotlink featured images from other people’s sites.

5. Multiple Post Thumbnails

If you have wanted to have more than one thumbnail in a post, Multiple Post Thumbnails is the ideal solution for you. This plugin allows you to add multiple images to a post. It comes with a wide range of customization options. However, you might be required to add some code in your theme’s template file as well as the functions file.

6. Post Thumbnail Editor

Many WordPress users find it difficult to scale and crop their thumbnails properly. Post Thumbnail Editor comes in handy in solving this problem. This plugin allows you to edit your thumbnails until you achieve the exact look you desire.

Thumbnails can either make or break your site. Therefore, take the time to compare the plugins above and install one or more which meet the unique needs of your site. Let us know of any other awesome plugins not listed here.




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