6 Tips on Returning to Work after giving Birth

Going back to work after giving birth can be challenging and difficult. A large number of mother’s feel overwhelmed and guilty for returning to work as they have to leave their new born baby in the hands of someone else. The prospect of going back to work often is a touchy subject for mums as they want to spend as much time as possible with their new born child.

Here are some tips for new mothers who are going back to work:

#1 Return to Work Mid-Week

If you can, try to go back into work in the middle of the week – preferably on Wednesday or
Thursday. This means that you will have a short initial week to settle in and not spend too much time away from your baby.

#2 Be Prepared

Returning to work after a long period off can be a surprise to your system. It is therefore important to eat fruit and other healthy snacks to ensure that your system does not deplete in resources. Don’t let your workload overwhelm you and keep reminding yourself to drink water.

#3 Find another Baby Mama

It is all about camaraderie when it comes to being a working mother. Make sure that you build a strong support system in your professional environment to help you at your weak moments. Other working mums will have anecdotes to keep you distracted and strong during the day.

#4 Ask for Flexibility

Working mothers are advised to request a meeting with their manager/superior to discuss flexible hours when they first return to work. There is a possibility that your employer offers half days or longer lunch breaks to ensure that you spend more time with your new born.

#5 Be Organized

Along with being a working mum, you are required to look after the rest of your family and manage your household. Invest in a planner or download an app to help you stay on top of appointments and deadlines.

#6 Look after yourself

In the middle of working, looking after your baby and managing a household, working mothers often forget to pamper themselves. Schedule a manicure or facial in the middle of the week to relax and have alone time away from all your duties. This will keep you focused and feeling refreshed.




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