6 Traits of Exceptionally Successful People

The formula to success has been a secret for years, with many people finding success in unexpected places. The success stories vary, and are derived from various places – however, the one common factor between them is the traits of each individual person.

Here are 6 traits of exceptionally successful people:

#1 – They dare to take risks

If you keep doing the same job day in and day out, you are increasing your chances of being in the same position in the long term. Be active! Successful people have the drive to deliver exceptional ideas and perform optimally. Get noticed in your workplace by taking risks – but nothing that will cost the company in a negative way.

 #2 – They have a strong sense of commitment

No one ever got successful by flitting in and out of different careers and industries. Find your niche and commit to your area of expertise! A strong sense of commitment to perform to your best abilities will not go unnoticed by your employer.

#3 – They dare to break the rules

Since we are in pre-school, we are taught that if we follow the rules, we will be rewarded. Successful people tend to think differently, instead of breaking the rules they just compromise them slightly to achieve even higher levels of success. Have the audacity to try new things, and justify yourself – instead of being scared and limiting your creativity by set constraints.

#4 – They don’t follow the Crowd

Be different. Be unique. Be creative. We are all individuals who have different ideas and understandings of everything; therefore we should use our individuality in our work. This is what sets us apart from each other. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, share ideas and disagree with the majority. This is what makes you shine in a crowd of workers who blindly agree with everything.

#5 – They are fiercely determined

Every individual should set themselves personal goals in addition to their work expectations. It is imperative to identify important things you want to achieve in order to be successful. Determination, motivation and success come hand in hand, therefore you should be motivated and determined to set your mind to achieve success!

#6 – They are Humble

Me. Me. Me. If every successful person blew their own trumpet, there would be no room for improvement and progression. Successful people are appreciative of others, humble about their achievements and grateful for their work being recognized. They are not afraid to make mistakes, or own up to their errors – this is what makes their success inspiring for others!