6 Traveling Tips for Startups on a Budget

Getting a startup off the ground is an exciting if not nerve racking endeavor. While trying to keep your dream and company afloat you’ll have to cut some corners, especially on big ticket items such as traveling. Spending money on plane tickets, accommodation and food, a company could accrue a substantial cost. So, how can you travel while still on a budget? Can you even end up making some money? Sure you can!

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Here are some tips for startups traveling on a budget.

1. The Layover

airport layover

I think that was a movie with George Clooney, right? Well, anyway, many airlines allow for a 24hour layover at no additional cost and if your business can be conducted in a period that short then you will not only save on accommodation but most probably food, too (taking advantage of the iffy yet free on-board meals). Set up multiple meetings; sleep on the plane and have the meetings during the layovers! If you really want to be frugal then you can book economy but with a seat at the door for extra legroom to catch some z’s.

2. The Point System

If your startup’s employees travel frequently then one of the best things you can do is create a companywide frequent flyer/point system and use those credits towards discounted prices on flights. You might even want to consider using a credit card or bank that awards points that can be used towards flights and hotels.

3. Full Service Airlines


Often times the default option for cheap flights is discount airlines and you wouldn’t be wrong most of the time, but sometimes, you don’t have to compromise personal space and safety to get an affordable flight. Best part is that you won’t have to participate in an impromptu running of the bulls to get a seat…damn you unnamed four leaf clovered airline….

4. Weird Ways

Often airlines will offer heavy discounts for flights with weird connections. For example, it would make sense for a flight to go non-stop from London to Rome, but stopping off in Munich could knock down the price of the flight significantly. Beyond that, early morning flights and red eyes (flights that run at the wee hours of the morning) are a great way to save some extra money.

5. Accommodation

So, this is another really big issue and cost- hotel rooms. But we live in the age of the shared economy, allotting budget-minded people in cheaper alternatives to hotels and motels. Sites such as Airbnb offer really cheap lodging and companies such as Zipcar- a car sharing service, gets you mobile without having to pay high rental prices for a car. For what it would cost to rent a car from a big company for a couple of days ($70), you can actually have access to cars all over the United States.

6. Food

Food is another expenditure that can add up quickly and unfortunately, if you want to be a conscientious employer you can’t really skimp on: it’s not like you can give your employee a banana, an energy bar and a bottle of water and tell them “Have fun in Tokyo!”. Cover their expenses or, if you are going to skimp on food, you should just travel yourself.   

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Do you know of any other ways you can save money on traveling when you are developing a new startup and need to be budget conscious? Let us know in the comment section below.




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