6 Tricks to Look Good in the Office on a Budget

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Your image influences your success at work. It is not enough to achieve goals; looking good is part of the package. Your budget is no excuse to look drab at work. There are different budget-friendly tricks you can use to look good in the office:

1. Treasure Hunt

Go through your closet and separate your clothes into two piles: one for clothes you can wear to the office and another for unsuitable office wear. Sort through the office-friendly pile and try to mix and match different pieces. Find several options for each blouse, dress, shirt, blazer, or pair of trousers you own. Experiment with different combinations and take pictures for future inspiration. Often, you will find that you have enough clothes to wear to work.

2. The Devil is in the Details

Take advantage of pieces that give your outfit the wow factor. For example, a beautiful shoe can make a black dress look good. Invest in jewelry, as it is relatively cheaper and easy to wear. Play around with your jewelry to create different combinations and give your outfits character. Additionally, work on make-up; invest in good make-up, and change your look as often as you like.

3. Quality is Forever

If you need to shop, buy quality pieces that will serve you longer. For example, look for designer outfits on sale or visit thrift stores that offer quality items at a discount. Plan your shopping in advance to avoid spending money on pieces you don’t need. Choose classic pieces that you can interchange throughout the seasons, such as a good suit or a neutral-colored sweater.

4. Back to Basics

Essential pieces in classic cuts suit most workplace dress codes. Find a black and white shirt or blouse, a black, brown or gray blazer, a pair of closed office-friendly shoes, and a skirt or pair of trousers in a neutral color. Organize your work look around these items, and you can never go wrong. Add a few colored pieces to personalize your look. The advantage to having these basics is that you can easily switch them up to transform your look from formal to semi-formal without spending a dime. They are also readily available in stores regardless of your budget.

5. Define Your Style

One way to ace your office style is to give it a personal touch. Take risks and combine your outfits to create interesting looks suitable for your work environment. Do not confine your style to strict rules; play around with the rulebook, and wow yourself. The golden rule in office wear is to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. However, create boundaries to avoid being the office clown.

6. The Underwear Magic

Invest in quality underwear. However good you look on the outside, bad underwear will affect your appearance. Get your bra size right and buy quality underwear in neutral colors. Only buy underwear that makes you feel confident and good about your body.

Looking good is about being creative. Work with what you have, and only buy what you think is necessary. Do not shop blindly; make a plan and always look for outfits that express your individuality.




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