6 Ways Autumn Can Affect Your Work

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We all love summer – who doesn’t love biting into a chocolate ice cream cone on a warm August night, or the general feeling of total freedom that everyone seems to be experiencing? But now Fall is here, for better or for worse, and we’re tearfully saying goodbye to summer. Thankfully, it’s become super trendy to be in love with Fall. We’re addicted to Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks (yeah, there’s zero pumpkin in them, we get it, but we still love them), we adore wearing cozy sweaters and scarves and boots, and we’re thrilled that the freezing cold winter hasn’t arrived yet and made us totally miserable. It’s always exciting when the seasons change but Fall is a pretty special time. It turns out that this season of falling golden leaves and back-to-schoolΒ stress can actually be pretty awesome for your career. Here are ten ways that Autumn can affect your work. So curl up by the fire, put on your most comfortable sweater, grab a pumpkin latte and read on.

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1. You Will Be Motivated After a Super Lazy Summer

Let’s be honest: how productive were you this summer, really? Sure, if you’re chatting with your boss, you’re going to totally pretend that you got tons of stuff done in June, July and August. But you know the truth. You were too interested in making BBQ and beach plans to really focus on your job, even if you didn’t have time (or, let’s be real, the cash) to go on a real holiday. Now the leaves are all turning and there’s a chill in the air and you’re super prepared to impress your coworkers and your boss and basically every single human being on the planet. You have a fire lit under your butt now. After all, everyone knows that Autumn is when the kids go back to school, and so grown-ups tend to feel the same way. All those crazy adults go back to work (or at least start focusing on work again) after the summer months.

Actually, it’s been scientifically proven that the amount of stuff we get done at the office is totally related to the weather. This Harvard study links being super productive with less than amazing weather. So apparently, the gloomier it looks outside, the more you’ll get done.

2. You Might Get Depressed

You’ve probably heard of SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. It’s pretty crazy that the initials actually explain what it is. Basically, people get super depressed during the winter months because it’s so dark and freezing outside. But did you know that this disorder can also affect people during Autumn? So if you’re wondering why you’re not as happy as you were during the summer, you might have SAD. According to the Mayo Clinic, SAD can start to affect you during the fall, if you do then we hate to break it into you, but you’ll probably feel that way every single month of winter (poor you).

So if you find yourself wanting to cry at your desk and it has nothing to do with your seemingly endless mountain of emails or the fact that your evil boss just yelled at you, SAD could be your answer. You’re welcome.

3. It Could Be a New Beginning

Fall smells like possibility. Okay, and burning leaves. Why do the months of September and October always smell like burning leaves everywhere? Anyway…

A lot of people think that the month of September is a lot more like New Year’s than, well, New Year’s Day. After all, when you’re in school it’s the start of a new year, right? Most of us feel like that even when we grow up, especially those of us who suck at being adults. So don’t be surprised if you feel the sudden and total urge to quit your job in the Autumn and go about discovering your true passion. It’s not you, it’s Autumn. Good news for you: September is considered to be an awesome month for starting your hunt for a new position. So go ahead, take a career risk and get what you truly want out of life.

4. You'll Call in Sick (a lot)

Summer generally isn’t the time to get super sick. Okay, we’ve all had that nasty summer cold that made us want to kill ourselves, but it’s usually fall and winter that give us the worst colds and flus. So while you’re going to be a lot more focused, motivated and inspired to work during Autumn, you’re also going to have to take some time off thanks to that cold your annoying coworker gave you. Unfortunately, taking a sick day is often even more stressful and anxiety-inducing than just going into the office while you’re coughing and sneezing a million times a day. But get used to it because Autumn is officially here and that means the start of the dreaded cold and flu season. No scarier words were ever spoken.

5. You'll Hate Being Bored

Of course, no one wants to be bored at their job. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life for many of us since we can’t help having a crappy job at least once in our lives. We do need some cash to survive and pay rent and all that good stuff, after all. It sucks but it’s just reality. But now that the days are getting shorter and it’s getting dark much faster (R.I.P. warm summer nights – sob), you’re going to detest being bored at your job. When it’s summer, not much can annoy us at work. We can handle absolutely anything because, hey, it’s warm out and it’s sunny and that’s enough to make anyone smile 24/7. But now that it’s Autumn, it’s getting colder and that’s going to make you much more irritable. So go ahead and tell your boss that you need more interesting stuff to do. No, demand it. They won’t exactly complain that you want more work. Who asks for more work? Well, you do. So you’re probably crazy but you can live with that.

6. You'll Never Stay Late

Okay, never say never. You might have to sometimes. Your boss is evil, remember? (Like you could ever forget.) But generally, people don’t want to stay late at the office when it’s cooler out. Can you blame them? You’re one of them, too. All you want to do is binge-eat pizza and binge-watch bad TV. The worse, the better, really. So when you’re rushing out the door right at 5 p.m. so you can go home and hibernate and your boss raises their eyebrows at you (even their eyebrows are mean, it’s crazy), just shrug and say, “It’s out of my control, I totally blame the weather.” They will just have to understand.

We get it, people love fall. It’s a super exciting, wonderful season. But what does this have to do with your job? Wondering how Autumn is going to affect your work? Well, after reading the top ten ways, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Knowledge is power, as they say. Now get back to work. Summer fun is over.