6 Ways to Make a Cubicle Feel Like Home

6 Ways to Make a Cubicle Feel Like Home

Cubicles can be an incredibly depressing environment to work in. Most of the time they’re made out of those drab grey fabric walls that don’t offer a lot of colour or vibrancy to your day. However, there are a couple of non-permanent decor choices you can make so that your cubicle--or at least your half of it, if you share one--can feel a little more welcoming and peaceful.

1. Add colour to your desk instead of the walls

Wall decor can be a pain to place on those grey fabric walls that are so common. However, in this particular cubicle the pop of green creates a bit of interest without having to tape or pin anything to the walls.

2. Garlands make for great decor

The only thing you’ll need to place your garland is pushpins--or some other kind of pin. Garlands are a great way to spice up a cubicle if you don’t want to go overboard, especially since there are so many modern colour palettes.

3. Go all out

If you’re not put off by the amount of work and patience this could take, feel free to go all out and completely redo your cubicle. While this may not be the best idea if you’ve got a cubicle mate, but simply hanging some fabric from a fabric store is a cheap way to spruce up a drab grey space.

4. Desk lamps make for great accessories

Sometimes, all it takes a little ambient lighting to create the perfect work space. Pick out your favorite lamp, then decorate around the shade colour; here, you can see the wallpapering technique with fabric and a little extra greenery.

5. Pictures can make a huge difference

If you don’t have an entire cubicle to decorate, you can always hang smaller, more colourful pictures to brighten a space. If your desk is a little smaller, use vertical storage to save horizontal space. Don’t forget your ambient lighting!

6. Small touches brighten small spaces

If you don’t have the biggest cubicle ever, sometimes small touches like little pictures and a chair pillow can really make the space more homely. Accessories like the chalkboard in the corner are a charming way to keep up with important meetings and tasks.

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