6 Ways to Make Money by Reviewing Stuff

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Can you earn money simply by reviewing stuff? Yes. Of course, you have to perform your own due diligence and ensure that you’re not participating in a scam or being scammed by unscrupulous individuals or organizations. You can review anything from books to products while making a few bucks. 

Reviewing stuff is a great way to earn passive income, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a full-time professional who wants some additional cash in your pocket. Indeed, you won’t be earning a vast sum of money, but if you’re not aiming for six figures than the payments you’ll receive will suffice. You should expect payment from a couple of pennies (ad revenue) to a few bucks (paid articles). 

There is one area that you should be deeply concerned with when reviewing goods and services: ethics. For instance, if you’re being given a new coffee machine or being paid $100 for a review, you have to remain objective no matter what. It can be easy to compose a glowing review for a book or a website if you’re being paid, but this will immediately ruin your reputation and no one will want to read your opinion pieces. 

Here are six ways to make money by reviewing stuff:

1. High Authority Blogging

If you maintain a high authority, professional blog then you should definitely consider taking on an array of review assignments. If you don’t feel comfortable penning the pieces, then consider hiring someone from Elance or Upwork. Also, when a company contacts you, they’ll likely just send you the product as opposed to paying you. However, payment could take place if you post an ad on a writing board or job website, like Fiverr

One last thing, be sure to write reviews only for products or services in your niche. For instance, if you’re a tech website then only review tech-related products. Or, if you’re a pet website then only review pet-related products and services. Otherwise it’ll be blatant that you did this promotion for some money. 

Again, as mentioned before, you should remain objective throughout the entire review.

2. YouTube Product Reviews

This is a bit controversial. In fact, there have been numerous reports and complaints of YouTube channels purposely promoting products in their videos. This is more prevalent in the gaming niche, but other channels are susceptible to the lure of a cheap promotion for a nice sum of cash. 

With that being said, if you maintain a YouTube channel and you generate a modest amount of views per videos then you should consider posting reviews that your audience would appreciate. Are you a foodie in Seattle? Then talk about a restaurant you were at. Are you a makeup guru? Then discuss a new lipstick you came across. 

Now, it’s quite likely that a company will approach you to review a product. Be open and transparent with both the client and your audience that you were asked to review the product. As always, be honest and show your true feelings about the product. If not, your fans will see right through you.

3. Write Product Reviews

In addition to blogging, you can compose product review articles and publish them on other websites. There are many websites out there that accept these types of articles and will either pay you based on ad revenue or a standalone fee. Here is a list of some websites to consider: 

If your product reviews are in-depth, unbiased and professional then you could sell one of your articles to a major website or online newspaper. But this may be difficult because these outlets may have their own writers for these assignments. Moreover, write an excellent query letter.

4. Amazon Book Reviews

Neophyte writers want their books to be read and purchased. This is difficult to attain at first because of zero purchases and zero reviews, which lead to a not available rank on Amazon. Also, what happens if their first book isn’t well-received? This is where you step in.  

A lot of novice writers will hire a freelancer to pen a positive four- or five-star review of the book in question. To ensure the review is verified, the writer will also cover the cost of the purchase. 

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

A simple glance at, again, Fiverr, will show a large number of writers offering this type of service. You can take part in this marketplace, too, but be sure to use another alias or pseudonym because this is definitely a questionable and perhaps unethical practice (depending on whom you ask). 

Note: you can compose reviews for an array of products found on Amazon, not just books.

5. Rewarded for Product Tests, or Beta Tests

Product testing is imperative for any company about to ship its first batch of new items to the general public. This is why businesses will often have focus groups or product testers to ensure these products are 100 percent, top of the line and ready for sale. Often, you will be given a free product, paid a small fee or both. When it’s for a business selling in-store products, you can make a little bit more money. But if it’s a vendor selling on eBay or Amazon then pay will likely be low. 

Here are a few websites to check out: 

In addition, beta testers are also highly in demand. Whether you’re an experienced tech guru or the average web surfer, you’ll be wanted by these beta testers. The responsibilities consist of browsing a website, measuring its simplicity, ensuring the buttons work and it provides an overall positive user experience (UX).  

Years ago, they weren’t paid well, but today beta testers are in high demand, though there are plenty of websites where beta testers will work for free.

6. Earn Money for Reviewing the Web

Do you want to earn money just for browsing the World Wide Web? Well, you can (but not much). From the moment you open up your web browser to the moment you just check the weather for tomorrow before you go to bed, you can earn money for browsing, reviewing and clicking on stuff.  

Otherwise known as pay to surf (PTS), a lot of people tend to think it’s a scam. But there are legitimate companies and browser add-ons that will pay you at the end of the month just for browsing the Internet. The companies benefit from the ads. 

Here are a few websites and add-ons to peruse: 

You won’t pay the rent by reviewing stuff online. Well, not at first anyway. 

However, you can earn enough money to cover the phone bill or have some extra pocket money to go out for a nice dinner. The ethics behind reviewing stuff has come into question these days because there are just so many reports identifying individuals misleading their followers in exchange for a few dollars. But then again, in this economy, any money will help. The sources above should help you in your plight to getting paid by reviewing stuff. 

Do you have any other suggestions for reviewing stuff online? Let us know in the comments section below. 




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