6 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Music Store


Are you being trounced by Spotify, YouTube and Amazon? Are your customers no longer interested in purchasing your selection of CDs? If you are the proprietor of a music store, then it’s quite possible you’re facing stiff competition from the aforementioned brands, the digital music industry, and the decline of CDs.

Remember: the beat must go on and a music store can certainly compete with the growing trend of downloading, streaming and converting music by simply incorporating innovative techniques and community-oriented services that can tap into that Amazon consuming base. Trying to keep up with ecommerce is a way to generate revenues and boost your bottom line.

A music store can be a lot more than just offering CDs. It can be the place to discuss music, to educate customers about different types of musical genres, and even provide workshops on the up-and-coming technology or the reintroduction of records. Adding sales, social media and enhanced customer service on top of this can turn the store around in months.

Here are six ways to rejuvenate your music store this year:

1. Store Environment

Although it is a music store, the music played in the background shouldn’t be too loud. Also, the type of music is key so something that is neutral, such as classical music or a radio station, is a great first step. Furthermore, the store’s cleanliness is important because CD cases, for instance, can get dusty pretty quickly. The store should maintain an open space that is easy to move around in.

2. Seminars

What’s the biggest thing in the world of audio? Is there a certain genre of music that is making a comeback? You can hold seminars either in the store or at another location and speak with the neighborhood residents about music. Your store should also be widely advertised at this seminar. By hosting such an event, your company can be viewed as an authority on all things music and audio.

3. Customer Service

Just like any other store that has to deal with intense competition from the likes of Amazon, your music store must have excellent customer service. Whether it’s you or a cashier, customers should be treated with the utmost respect, courtesy and kindness. Also, small talk is another good thing or recommendations on certain music. Let’s face it: we like good customer service, whether we like to admit it or not.

4. Sales & Price Matching

Holding regular sales can bring in potential customers from off the street and those music aficionados who want to get the best deal on their favorite albums. Meanwhile, price matching official Amazon price listings (not the vendors) can transfer those ecommerce consumers back to your store.

5. Records & Cassettes

What’s old is new again. Vinyl is making quite the comeback and customers want to get their hands on some records once again. Cassette tapes, even though they’re considered to have inferior audio capabilities, are also returning to the forefront of the music industry. This means your store should get as many records and tapes as possible.

6. Community Events

Finally, your music store should be prevalent in the community. In order to perform this feat, your store can be a sponsor of concerts, a host of certain types of events and a leader when it comes to holding charitable events that can be related to music (think instrument donations to impoverished children).

Similar to new and used bookstores, music stores still offer a nostalgic experience for consumers and audiophiles. Seeking out jazz albums, finding classical CDs. and locating vintage rock ’n’ roll tunes is a lot of fun. because it’s affordable and it allows fans to connect with each other. This year, let the good times roll in your music store.