6 Ways to Transform Your Office Space in 2015

A new year, a new you and perhaps a new office landscape? 2015 is an opportune time to gather your colleagues at the office and attempt to implement various measures to make the workforce a lot more positive, inviting and kind.

Corporate offices are usually labeled as toxic work environments that are engulfed with workplace favoritism, sneaky managers, endless gossip, employees that slack off and unappreciative co-workers. Yeesh! Why would anyone want to work in these business settings? Oh yeah. A paycheck.

Well, employees don’t have to stand for it as they can take an active approach to begin modifying these practices and incorporating an array of tools to improve the office as well as the corporate brand. It may be hard at first, but as time goes by, the office could be entirely rejuvenated in 2015.

By the time you ring in 2016, the office could be an oasis in the corporate desert.

Here are six ways to transform the office space in 2015:

1. Mutual Respect & Trust 

In the office, there are clashing personalities: introverts and extroverts, dominance and timid, leaders and followers. There are a wide variety of people working at any workplace. Unfortunately, this variety also brings out the worst in people. Rather than respecting one another, workers will be curt and rude. Try to invoke a more positive atmosphere by encouraging everyone to be respectful.

In addition, there can be a lot of trust issues in an office. Remember, some professionals are unscrupulous because they want to move up the corporate ladder. Again, attempt to bring out a more trusting nature in everyone

2. Personal Responsibility 

It’s simple: if you made an error in the project, if you arrived late to work or if you accidentally killed the office plant then fess up and take responsibility. Whenever you make a mistake don’t attempt to pawn it off onto someone else. Honesty and personal responsibility are the best policies in the office and life. 

3. Appreciate Your Co-Workers 

Does a temp regularly bring coffee for everyone at the office when it’s -40 degrees Celsius? Does the manager provide quarterly bonuses? Does a colleague fill in for you when you’re sick? It’s these little things that can brighten up an office. If you feel that you haven’t appreciated them then let these people know that you do. This can be a brief email, a thank you card or even reciprocation. 

4. Avoid Office Gossip, Bullying & Politics 

One of the biggest complaints that the average worker has about working in a conventional office setting is the ongoing politics, gossip and bullying that is prevalent in companies everywhere. Someone will start a rumor while another person will try to get the manager fired. These are the biggest contributors to a toxic work environment.

The best way, to eliminate these traits from any office, is to refrain from participating in the first place. If someone tells you something about another colleague then ignore it. If you witness bullying then intervene. If you notice colleagues trying to take down a supervisor then stand on the sidelines.

5. Assist Others 

That new clerk, that came to the company last week, is having some difficulties. If you observe some troubles, then assist that person and provide them with solutions as well as tips and tricks to surviving in the company. At the same time, if you notice your manager is overloaded then offer to stay behind after 5 p.m. and assist them in organizing their assignments - you shouldn’t expect a raise or a promotion for this.

6. Do What’s Best for Corporate Brand 

At the end of the day, the primary objective for every worker (besides receiving a paycheck) is doing what’s best for business. Despite all of the personal differences in the workplace and all of the combating egos, the corporate brand comes first. The goal is to raise revenues and improve the bottom line. Once this is understood then the corporate attitude may change. 

Although a growing number of people are beginning to work remotely or have flexible hours, there are still an abundance of professionals who are confined to an office cubicle. It may be hellacious, but everyone has to make the best out of a bad situation. You can do this by incorporating the aforementioned tips. You won’t regret it. 


Image: iStock