6 Well-Paying Jobs Marketers Should Consider

Making money is very tough nowadays. A dream job is the one that has much to offer and guarantees a bright future. If you’ve a degree and sufficient experience in business or marketing, make sure your resume speaks well about it.

Here are the six best jobs for those who hold degrees in marketing:

1. International Marketing Directors

Thanks to internet, new opportunities are now available in the area of international marketing. Once it was a domain and privilege of multinational brands only, but now an international marketer is the need of every business. The job requires you to use global marketing portals and promote products and services. The salary ranges from $2000 to $9000 per month, depending upon your educational background and portfolio.

2. Marketing and Sale Development Officers

Sales-related departments have direct links to bring money into the companies. The development officers and executives in this field work for the channel development and implement effective sale strategies. To qualify for this position, you should demonstrate understanding of sales channels. You also need to have skills for targeting the sales goals, and maximise the revenues for employer. Having many years of proven dedication in this sector is the major qualification to land a top position. Salary starts at $50k to $100k per year.

3. Chief Marketing Officers

The top annual salary of a chief marketing officer ranges from $130k to $500k. As a chief marketing officer, you’ll be responsible to plan and direct every aspect of marketing and advertisement programs. Top marketing officers work for promotion of brand and have a result-driven portfolio of accomplishments. The doors of small and large companies are open for the candidates who know how to develop, evaluate, and adapt highly effective marketing plans to remain competitive.

4. Marketing Researchers

All multinational companies are interested to know the market potential of their products and services. A marketer researcher will work on these plans and help employer to peek into the successful future. This position requires clear direction of marketing research and sufficient knowledge about global markets. As a marketing research executive, you’ll collect data to obtain highest sales outcomes, and analyse the sales/purchase data of consumers as well as competitive brands.

Salary starts at $90k to $140k per year.

5. E-commerce Marketers

The top e-commerce marketers earn huge annual amounts. This position requires you to have specialised knowledge and sufficient experience in the online marketing sectors. You are expected to have strong grip on social media usage. Once you apply for the job and want to work as a potential e-commerce marketer, you should know how to plan and develop marketing programs using the internet and how to target consumers all over the world.

Salary starts at $100k-$300k per year.

6. Communication Directors

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

This position requires broad e-marketing and advertisement knowledge that can be obtained by completing an MBA in marketing or human resource. You should also gain 3-5 years experience to apply at a multinational company for the position of “Communication Director”. For this, you should start working with small businesses. A communication director should be capable of multitasking to help co-marketers accomplish their goals.

Salary starts at $200k per year.

For peace of mind, a marketing job will be excellent option. To qualify for a highest-paying and senior level job, you should develop effective communication and media plans for reaching potential employers. Take advantage of other marketers’ experience by working at a junior level initially.

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