6 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

One of the main reasons for slow loading sites is images with a large file size. To speed u p your site, you will need to find a way of reducing your image sizes, hopefully without compromising quality. Here are some of the best plugins for optimizing your WordPress images:

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1. WP

With more than one million downloads, this is one of the most popular WordPress image optimization plugins. WP allows you to reduce the size of your images without compromising quality. Once installed, this plugin scans all the images on your site, as well as the ones you upload, and automatically reduces their size. It works with png, gif and jpeg image files. With the free version, you can smush images up to 1MB in size while the premium version allows you to compress images up to 5MB in size.

2. EWWW Image Optimizer

Just like, EWWW Image Optimizer allows you to optimize images already on your site, like those you upload. The unique thing about this plugin is that it can compress your images and convert them to a different file format. However, you might end up losing some quality in the process of optimization. This plugin works well with galleries such as NextGEN and GRAND FlaGallery.

3. CW Image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer allows you to optimize your images without losing the quality. The best thing about this plugin is that file images are not uploaded to a third party site during the process of compression. Optimization is done via the Linux littleutils image optimization tools, thus ensuring that your images remain on your server.

4. Imsanity

As the name implies, Imsanity automatically adjusts your images to a more ‘sane’ size. One of its great features is the ability to set a maximum quality, height and width for your images. When anyone uploads an image that is too large, this plugin automatically compresses it to the recommended size. Imsanity also comes with a bulk resize feature that allows you to resize images already on your site. Image files in BMP format are scaled and converted to jpg format.

5. SEO Friendly Images

Just as it is for text, SEO is also very important for images. When your image is optimized for search engines, it makes it easier for people to find you. Once installed, SEO Friendly Images automatically assigns proper TITLE and ALT attributes to your images. The TITLE appears when a user hovers over an image while the ALT tag describes your images to search engines.

6. Media File Renamer

When you change the name of an image on your site, Media File Renamer automatically updates all the references to the image. For instance, all the links related to the image will be automatically be updated. It comes with a feature that allows bulk renaming of files. This plugin supports OSX, BSD, Linux and Windows.


Having one of these plugins installed on your site will keep you from losing visitors and potential customers due to a slow loading site.

Do you use any of the plugins mentioned above? Di they improve your website’s performance? Your thoughts and comments below please...




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