6 WordPress Security Plugins


WordPress sites are attacked daily due to obsolete software, poor passwords or plugin vulnerabilities. The good news is that there are several plugins you can install on your site or blog to reduce your susceptibility to attack. Here are some of the WordPress plugins which you should consider installing on your site:

1. AntiVirus for WordPress

Just like other sites, WordPress sites are vulnerable to malware, worms and viruses. In addition, these sites are also prone to spam attacks. One of the best ways of protecting your WordPress site from these threats is using AntiVirus for WordPress. This plugin constantly monitors your site and warns you about any impending attacks. It blocks any malicious links, worms, malware, spam or content and sends you an email of all the blocked activities.

2. WP Antivirus Site Protection

This is a very powerful plugin for detecting, eliminating and preventing suspicious code and malicious viruses. WP Antivirus Site Protection can detect anything from rootkits, worms and Trojan horses to spyware, adware and backdoors. Once it is installed on your site, this plugin scans and analyses all the files in your site. This includes files in your upload folder, plugin files and theme files. You can check notifications and alerts in the admin area of your site or via email.

3. Better WP Security

With almost 4 million downloads, this is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins. It comes with great features such as 2-step authentication, automatic malware scanning, import/export settings, a dash board widget, online file comparison, Google reCAPTCHA and wp-cli integration. In addition, it allows you to set a password expiration date, after which you must choose a new password.

4. WP Login Security 2

Once you have this plugin installed on your site, you will be required to whitelist your IP address. When anyone attempts to log in from a different IP address, a verification email will be sent to the user’s registered email. Only after clicking on the link in the email will the person be allowed to log into the site.

5. Login Security Solution

This plugin keeps track of passwords, usernames and email addresses used by people attempting to hack into your site. When someone tries to log with previously used data, the plugin automatically slows down response times. These delays are likely to discourage the attacker from making any further attempts. Login Security Solution also checks password strength, ensuring it doesn’t match any user data or blog info. It requires passwords to have a blend of numbers, letters, punctuation, and upper and lower case letters. In addition, it has a password aging option which allows you to set expiration dates.

6. WP Security Scan

This plugin checks your site for any security risks and allows you to take remedial measures such as version hiding, setting file permissions, enhancing database security and strengthening passwords. It is ideal for anyone running multiple WordPress sites.

Installing some of these security plugins is the best way to protect your site or blog from any imminent future attacks. Other plugins available include WordFenceSucuri Security, WordPress File Monitor Plus and Block Bad Queries.




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