6 WordPress Social Media Plugins

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Social media is a vital element for any online marketer. A good social media strategy will attract more visitors to your site, thus enhancing your search engine rankings. If you are running a WordPress site, there are several WP social media plugins you can use to enhance the functionality of your site. Your choice will depend on the type of content on your site and which of your social platforms have the most followers.

Here are some WP social media plugins you could consider:

1. Digg Digg

This awesome plugin integrates with almost all social media platforms, including Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Buffer. It allows you to create share buttons that appear in your blog posts, or a floating social media bar, and right or left scrolling options.

2. Flare

Flare is a stunning and simple plugin that comes with a wide range of customization options. For instance, you can position the share bar to the right or left of your pages, or at the bottom or top of posts. This plugin also allows you to create and place a Follow Me widget on your site. When visitors click on it, they end up on your social media pages. Flare is compatible with most of the major social media platforms.

3. ShareThis

ShareThis is a well-known social media plugin that has been downloaded over 2 million times. It comes with numerous features, great customization options, and integrates with over 120 social media platforms. You can choose to have your social media buttons in large or small sizes, and to place them on the left or right side of your pages. ShareThis also comes with social analytics which allows you to keep track of your statistics.

4. Social Media Feather

This is a lightweight but powerful social media plugin. It comes with simple and attractive social sharing icons and buttons that will look great on your site or blog. In addition, it gives you several options for skins which can be modified with awesome effects such as graying out or fading. This plugin does not use JavaScript, thus ensuring a quick loading time. The best feature of Social Media Feather is that it supports high resolution displays and Retina features found in mobile devices such as iPads.

5. Mashshare

Unlike many other social media plugins, Mashshare allows you to display the total share counts on Twitter and Facebook. All you need to do is set up the frequency of updating counts. You can place the neat and beautiful share buttons at the top or end of your posts. Readers can then share your posts without having to log in to their Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts. Mashshare works with most of the WordPress themes out there.

6. Microblog Poster

This great social plugin allows you to automatically post you blog content on a wide range of social media platforms. Microblog Poster supports multiple accounts, as well as shortcodes.

Other social media plugins you would want to consider include Share Buttons by AddToAnySocial Media WidgetSlick Social Share Buttons, and Floating Social Media Icon.




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