6 Worst Ways to Handle Annoying Colleagues

Introverts, uncontrolled extroverts, lazybones, loud mouths and cheeky sneaky gossipers are definitely a bad combination in an office. Unavoidably though, the workplace community is comprised of people with different behaviors, social upbringing and beliefs. If not careful, one could easily end up annoying co-workers. Therefore, it is important to know the traits of an annoying colleague in order to prevent such scenarios.

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So, how do you handle Miss Busybody who decides to fill the whole office with the smell of fresh salmon when she knows you are intolerant? Do you slap her? Smash her bag of salmon against the window? Or worse still, do you poison her to at least get rid of her for good? No. There are definitely better ways to handle this but the following people understood that when it was way too late.

1. Stabbing

An angry young adult male, a knife and an innocent young woman, all in one place, would only sound as a scene in a thriller at a movie theatre. Well, how would this sound if it actually happened outside a movie theatre? On January 8 2015, a young and vibrant 24-year old Katie King was stabbed 20 times outside a movie theatre by Daniel Dion, her 18-year colleague for simply annoying him.

Really Dion, did Katie look like some barbeque meat that needed some slicing for marinade? 20 stabs in the neck, lungs and face?! I am sure you don’t slice your fish that much before you grill it. That was a HUMAN BEING!! One would wonder what exactly Katie did to deserve such diabolic reactions from her coworker. What could have caused him to harbor that much pent-up anger and resort to stabbing her 20 times, in the neck, lungs and face?

Seriously, there is no excuse for reacting in such a manner no matter how badly a colleague annoys you at the workplace. If you stabbed all the co-workers that annoyed you, then you would probably end up working alone, and in a cemetery. Maybe you should start by looking for new zombie friends.

2. Murdering Them

The current era of internet celebrities has made it easier for people to get famous within hours. All it takes is a few WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook forwards and boom! You are the new hottest item on the internet. But how far is too far? A disturbing video of a man shooting and killing a journalist while conducting an interview on top of a building has been doing rounds for close to a month now. The shooter, 41 year-old Vester Lee Flanagan, formerly worked as a reporter at WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia from March 2012 to February 2013. He was dismissed for angry behavior and poor performance, a decision that infuriated him. While leaving the building, Flanagan uttered derogatory statements to Adam Ward, a cameraman who was to be one of his victims in August, 2015 while shooting a live interview.

Flanagan really seems like he was acting out a scene from the video game, Rage! That is just a game, you know, not an idea of how to settle grievances with actual colleagues!

3. Making Innocent People Suffer

Guess what your job will be for pissing me off? Cleaning fresh poop the whole night! We don’t have to talk it out, I will simply receive your clean apology. This seems to have been the thought process of Italian nurse, Daniella Poggiali who ensured her colleagues would pay for annoying her by cleaning poop. She would give her patients powerful laxatives to ensure that her coworkers did not rest a muscle during their shift. While this was out rightly malicious, it was dangerous and inhumane to the patients as well. During her escapades, several innocent patients suddenly became best buddies with the toilet. Ultimately, this behaviour escalated to killing patients whose family members annoyed the clearly berserk nurse.

4. Turning Your Tool Of Work Into a Weapon

Terry Vickers and Paul Johnson, TSA workers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, were arrested for fighting over a sports bet at the workplace. Mr. Vickers was charged with simple battery while Mr. Johnson was charged with aggravated assault. The fight ensued when Vickers approached Johnson to collect his money, instead Johnson got annoyed and started yelling. The heated exchange was followed by Johnson pulling out a box cutter from his pocket, a tool he was authorized to use to screen checked baggage. He then attacked Vickers who sustained minor injuries to his face.

Seems all Mr. Johnson saw when checking luggage at the airport was his box cutter cutting right through Mr. Vickers, whenever he thought about having to pay back that debt. And when the day finally came, he seemed to have practiced enough.

Seriously, how much money was the bet anyway? We now know for a fact that paying up was cheaper than not paying when both employees were suspended and had to hand in their badges. Worse still, for Johnson, he had to endure an indefinite unpaid suspension. Averting a simple basketball bet payment was not worth all that after all.

5. Threatening Them

Imagine your colleague telling you that he will chop off your head like fresh meat at the slaughter house and then forgetting to mention that he was joking? I am sure you would taste the metal and get a new gait as you hurriedly left the office in fear. This is exactly what a female worker at Bellevue Nursing Home, in Oklahoma City experienced in September 2014. Her co-worker, Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, asked her what time she was leaving work and she playfully replied by asking him if he was planning to kill her. The unnamed victim was lightly referring to a sad incident that had happened 24 hours earlier just 20 miles away, where an employee was beheaded by a co-worker.

To her surprise, Muriithi, who claimed to represent ISIS, responded seriously and revealed to his colleague that he would actually cut off her head using a blade and post the video on Facebook. When the lady asked him why ISIS killed Christians, Muriithi simply said that, that was what they did, further scaring her.

6. Running Over A Co-Worker With A Vehicle

You got me fired so I am going to run you over. Do you remember Wreck It Ralph? Yeah, that cartoon that would see something and shout, ‘I am gonna wreck it! Seems that’s what Eddie Woodley thought when he patiently sat in his car waiting to smash his ex-colleague for getting him fired.

In July 29 2015, Eddie Woodley was fired from Smithfield plan. Allegedly, he’d been fired for being involved in a fight with a co-worker. That same night Woodley sat in a friend’s car, in the parking lot, waiting for his co-worker. As soon as she arrived she was hit in the back of the head by an unidentified woman (the second woman had also been involved in the earlier fight with Woodley). At that moment the first woman’s boyfriend, also Woodley’s ex-coworker, came to her rescue. This caused Woodley to run him over twice with the Nissan. Fortunately, the man was the only one hit by the Nissan.

According to a witness, Woodley left in pride stating that that was how he dealt with such matters. Within a week, the attacker turned himself in at Suffolk Police headquarters where he was charged with aggravated malicious wounding while his friend, Stephen Johnson, who was in the car with him during the attack was charged as an accessory.

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Okay, you feel like going on a rampage and kill everyone that annoys you or make them pay dearly for all they have done to you. Hold you horses and simply understand that mutual respect and understanding should be the key principles of living a healthy and mature work life.

Do you know of any other stories of co-workers that reacted badly? Please share them in the comments section below.

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