7 Best Paying Companies in Silicon Valley

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Some say that Silicon Valley's glory days are far behind it, with other tech hubs popping up all around the world. They still pay pretty well though!

Silicon Valley is the uncontested Queen of Tech, it's home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, and houses some of the tech industries most influential titans like Google, Apple, Netflix, Nvidia and Electronic Arts. Silicon Valley’s history isn’t exactly rose-petal laden, though, as it was the epicentre of the catastrophic “dot-com” bubble. This resulted in frictions with people that called the Bay Area (the name of this region of San Francisco before it was dubbed Silicon Valley) home. The explosive influx of tech employees not only put stress on the infrastructure but also increased the price of commercial goods and real estate massively.

The reason Silicon Valley saw such an abrupt influx of tech-heads was because the companies there became famous for not only offering an unprecedented level of job satisfaction, they also paid extremely well. This was one of the most effective and oft-copied recruitment strategies to attract the brightest and most talented young graduates in the world. Judging from the innovation that seems to constantly flow out of Silicon Valley, it worked pretty well. If you are thinking about visiting the West Coast, you might want to drop off an application or two, because this is just the Silicon Valley companies that pay amazingly well! Most of the others pay damn good too!

Adobe Systems

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Cloudera is a data analysis company, which seeks to take big data and centralise it to create the most effective and inclusive picture possible. Probably the youngest company on the list, it was founded in 2008 by some of the biggest big data minds that worked for Google, Yahoo, Oracle and Facebook. The companies job satisfaction rating is an extremely high 4.2 out of 5.0, and employees say that it is very rewarding to work for a fledgeling company such as Cloudera.

Even though it’s a new company, it compensates employees like it’s a Silicon Valley veteran. The median base salary is an extremely competitive $129,000, and its median overall compensation reaches an amazing $145,000.


Altera is a producer of programmable logic devices and is one of the oldest Silicon Valley companies on this list. Founded in 1983 before many of the employees that work for it today were even born, it was recently acquired by another tech giant, Intel. The company’s job satisfaction rate is a little bit lower than the other companies on the list, at 3.4 out of 5.0 but it offers competitive benefits and salaries.

The median base salary the company pays is the highest on the list at $134,000, and overall compensation sits at a respectable $147.000. The employees often cite the scale of the company and middle management as being one of the biggest disadvantages of working for Altera. The main benefit of working for the largest manufacturer of programmable logic devices in the world mentioned by employee reviewers is job security and stable employment.


Usually, Walmart and high salaries go together as well as oil and water, but in an attempt to hire the same bright and brilliant talent that made Amazon the online retailing giant it is today, Walmart was forced to follow the industry standard. In Walmart’s brick and mortar stores, an Assistant manager might make around $46,620 annually, and most of the sales associates make about $10,000. Luckily their push for a piece of the online retail market comes with a slightly more livable salary. It also seems to have a slightly higher job satisfaction rating of 3.3 compared to 3.1 of the physical retail business.

Many of the employee reviews talk about a friendly environment, flexible working hours and management that allows employees to make their own day to day schedules. Some of the negative aspects that the reviewers mention is the company’s relative immaturity and a lack of effective communication. The base salary is around $126,000 where the total median is at $149,000.

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