7 Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins


Spam is a major problem for many WordPress users. Such unwanted comments can either be manually submitted or bot generated. Here are some anti spam plugins which will help you combat this menace:

1. Akismet

Akismet is a great anti-spam plugin which has been downloaded by millions of users. Anyone who owns a small WordPress site can access this plugin at no cost. However, owners of large commercial sites are required to pay a monthly fee. Akismet boasts an advanced filtering system which monitors all the comments, trackbacks and pingbacks on your blog. Any suspected spam comments are placed in the spam folder where they can be reviewed. However, for this plugin to work, it requires configuration of an API key.

2. Growmap Anti Spambot

Growmap is another very highy-rated anti-spam WordPress plugin. It is very effective in dealing with automated spam which is generated by spambots. However, it is not as effective when it comes to combating human spammers. Readers are required to check a box to confirm if they are human. This means that human spammers can also check the box and leave their comments.

3. WP-SpamShield

This WordPress plugin gets rid of trackbacks, pingbacks and comment spam without using any challenge questions of captchas. It also allows users to create forms which can help filter out spam. You can keep track of the number of blocked spam comments on the WordPress dashboard.

4. WordPress Zero-Spam

This is an easy to use and effective plugin which enables you to block spam comments automatically without having to complete any captcha. Once the plugin is installed and activated, it starts working. You don’t have to configure any API keys or use any additional settings. WordPress Zero-Spam uses JavaScript logic to block comments.

5. WP Hash Cash

WP Hash Cash requires visitors to verify their identity to ascertain that the site is being opened from a legitimate web browser. It offers three options for comments which are suspected to be spam. First, you could delete the comment right away without further consideration. Secondly, you could move the comment to a moderation queue. Finally, you can move the comment to the Akismet queue.


This is another popular WordPress plugin which has received numerous positive reviews. CAPTCHA is an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This plugin protects your site from malicious registrations, spam and other similar attacks from computers. All you need to do is add the reCAPTCHA widget to your registration forms, forums or blogs. Besides safeguarding your site, this plugin also compiles words from old books and newspapers that are used for CAPTCHA verification.

7. Spam Stopper

Just like reCAPTCHA, Spam Stopper uses CAPTCHA to authenticate the originality of a comment. However, this validation is skipped if someone has logged into their own WordPress account. This plugin uses JavaScript to check if the fields in the comment form have been completed correctly.

Dealing with spam comments can be a very time-consuming and frustrating task. The plugins above will make your work much easier.