7 Celebrities Who Are Real Jerks in Real Life

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Being a celebrity is hard, much harder than their fans think. It involves long hours shooting films/recording albums and even longer hours promoting said films/albums, and all the in-between hours are spent dealing with paparazzi and obsessed, screaming fans all the while looking glamorous. In all honesty, these guys/gals might actually have a pretty valid reason for being douchebags, but that’s not stopping us from listing the top seven celebrities that are a$$holes in real life (sorry, I couldn’t write “a$$holes” in the title).

1. Justin Beiber

Probably one of the most hated on celebrities of all-time, Justin Bieber started his career as a YouTube star (lest we forget) when his singing and cute boy looks skyrocketed him to superstardom. Slowly, however, antics like the one in the video above, and various run-ins with the paparazzi and his infamous diva-like behavior, Bieber became one of the most hated people in the music industry. Let’s be honest, though: if you took even the most upright, down-to-earth teenager, put him on stage with thousands of screaming fans, and Bentley’s worth of money, how would they react? Probably in the exact same disgusting way.

2. Kanye West


Definitely an extremely competent and extremely prolific artist and hip-hop producer, Kanye is also infamously eccentric and a pretty big a$$hole. We’ll get to the a$$hole part in a second because the eccentric part of his personality is just as funny.

So, his first foray into what we’ll call Kanye-isms was when the producer/rapper/designer straight-faced looked into the camera and unceremoniously uttered, “Bush doesn’t care about black people”, utterly befuddling his cohost, Mike Myers, during a Katrina Relief Program…but Myers is white. Well, it had the same effect on Chris Rock, which the camera quickly cut to almost immediately. If you missed it, here it is.

Then, during the 2009 VMAs, as a young Taylor Swift steps up to give her acceptance speech for her first VMA award, Kanye grabs the mic, points at Beyonce in the crowd and says that she had the best video of all time, shrugs, and sits down while being booed by his fellow artists.

Okay, why did I leave the a$$hole part to the end? Well, because, honestly, he’s not really a douche. Sure, he’s weird and sure, he’s full of himself. But most stories present a man that is supremely talented in his work and quirky but not spiteful or mean. I actually found this really sweet story about a young fan that was treated respectfully, even if he was a little too invasive.

3. Chris Brown


Alright, now we’re talking! This is douchebag royalty. First and foremost, Brown is widely known for beating his partner at that time: Rihanna. Although he was a talented up-and-comer in the music industry, his career was stunted by the incident and, although he has managed to release a few hit songs, the public has never forgotten the brutal beating of his former girlfriend. He’s a well-known womanizer and cheater, was involved in a New York bar brawl that sent several people to hospital, he has had numerous other altercations and has even been sued for a homophobic assault.

4. Alec Baldwin


Infamous paparazzi puncher, raging drug addict, and general douchebag, Alec Baldwin has made making himself an ass a sport. He has been involved in various assault cases and is notorious for losing his cool at the drop of a hat. There is even a famous voicemail he had left his daughter from his first wedding (with bombshell Kim Basinger) where he berates the adolescent girl. Because I’m not above it, listen to it here. He has repeatedly been called out by the media for using homophobic slurs and frequently lashing out on other public figures, including coworkers. Many people in the entertainment industry consider his behavior childish, immature, and unjustified.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow


This one is contested, really; people aren’t exactly sure if Gwyneth is an asshole or just a chilly bitch …Not my words, people… I don’t know the lady and, in my humble opinion, she makes a pretty decent Pepper Potts, but a lot of people take huge offense to her holier-than-thou mentality more than anything.

One of her worst holier-than-thou moments was when the famous actress said that being a Hollywood mom was harder than being a 9-to-5 mom. And that’s when the Internet went crazy. The first rebuttal of Paltrow’s statement was mom of six (yes, six) Angelina Jolie who said that, although it is difficult, it pales in comparison to what most mothers have to deal with on a daily basis. She mentions that her support system and financial freedom allows her to comfortably provide for her children and their welfare – a luxury for most people in the world. So, Gwyneth Paltrow is hated more for her clueless entitlement and “Richman’s Woe-is-me” mentality… Asshole – nay or yay?

Russell Crowe

Another celebrity with anger management issues, Russell Crowe is well-known for his propensity to use profanity-heavy and abusive behavior on those that vex him. He is extremely rude with the media, notoriously fickle when he does decide to give interviews, and has admitted to telling people to eff off.

His reputation isn’t unfounded either; he has even been captured on video being a little bit of a douche… Although I used the South Park skit, it’s a thing. Especially if it’s on South Park.

7. Ariana Grande


More like Grande douche! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, and I bow my head in shame. But it’s not untrue: this pop chart topper has been bog down in the mire of controversy, often with fan bashing, coworker Twitter-trashing, and overall entitled diva bitchiness.

Her most recent infraction was offensive on many sad levels. It’s a video that shows the star with her boyfriend in a donut shop, which is fine (pop divas need to get their donut on too), but what she does is what would be expected from an emotionally stunted teenager. As the staff places freshly baked donuts in front of the star, she proceeds to lick them, hamming it up with her friends. And, as if contaminating baked goods is anti-American enough, she proceeds to say that she hates Americans and hates America. Big ugly words from such a small, sweet girl… actually, scrap “sweet”.

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Did I leave out any celebrities that deserved a place on this list? Let me know in the comments section below!