7 Characteristics of Extraordinary Achievers

Business leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs and other extraordinary achievers share common traits. These characteristics make them stand out from everyone else around them. Here are some of the characteristics of extraordinary achievers:

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1. They are very curious

Extraordinary achievers are not just educated or learned. In fact, some of them have not had much formal education at all. All of them have enrolled in the school of life. They understand that most of life’s lessons are learned after formal education has ceased.

Great achievers are always observing what is happening around them and asking questions. They learn valuable lessons from situations and experiences which others simply ignore. As a result, they are always expanding their skill set and knowledge base. 

2. They don’t just interact; they build relationships

Extraordinary achievers realize that their success hinges on their associations with others. Therefore, they don’t just interact with people; they build relationships. Extraordinary achievers are students of psychology who know how to leverage synergy with others. They realize that solid relationships create teamwork among their employees, and loyalty in their customers. Great achievers are also very influential individuals. They are able to persuade others to support and get involved in their causes.

3. They embrace change

The average person resists change and prefers to maintain the status quo. As a result, they find themselves and their organizations stagnating. However, extraordinary achievers realize the inevitability of change. Instead of resisting it, they have learned to use it to their advantage. Extraordinary achievers don’t allow change to master them. Instead, they become masters of the change. However, they don’t just make changes blindly. They take calculated risks and go after changes which are profitable.

4. They are ‘go-givers’

Extraordinary achievers are not just out to become wealthy or famous. Instead, they desire to serve others and leave a legacy. Whether employees, entrepreneurs or leaders, they have a significant impact on others through their example. By touching the lives of others, extraordinary achievers outlive themselves.

5. They add value to whatever they do

Great achievers either add value to whatever they are doing or create new value. They succeed in the marketplace by offering services, products or ideas which are superior to those of their competitors. Highly successful people are experts at taking ordinary products, services and job responsibilities and making them amazing.

6. They are masters of self

Extraordinary achievers have learnt how to master themselves. They don’t blame other people for their problems or failures. Instead, they take personal responsibility for their motivation, actions and decisions.

As a result, extraordinary achievers become failure-proof. This means that they don’t allow missed goals or mistakes to hold them back from trying again. Instead, they learn from their mistakes and then try again. Perseverance is their middle name.

7. They are intelligently persistent

Super achievers know the difference between blind persistence and dedication. They don’t work hard; they work smart. When they realize something is wrong, they don’t continue using the same ineffective methods. Instead, they find a way of dealing with the problem from a different perspective. Also, extraordinary achievers are always ready to listen to advice from others, even their own employees.

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What other characteristics of extraordinary achievers can you think of? Share them with us in the comments section below.