7 Common Mistakes Job-Seekers Make

It’s always a daunting task trying to apply for your ideal job. Looking for a new career can be frustrating, tiresome and aggravating – especially when you find yourself looking and applying, but getting no job offers and proposals in return.

The process of applying for a job can be made simpler and you will have a higher possibility of getting hired if you avoid these seven classic mistakes job seekers make when in search for a new job.

1. Not Checking Your Online Presence 

It is likely that when applying for a job, the potential employer will search your name in Google and Facebook. It is vital that your online reputation is suitable and appropriate for the company you are applying to. You don’t want those drunken photos on Facebook to be found.

2. Not Applying To Jobs That Are Unfitting For Your Experience

Sometimes when you feel you can’t find the right job offer, you end up applying for anything and everything- jobs that you do not have experience for. This is a huge time-waster and should be avoided.

3. Not Returning Emails and Calls

Be sure to respond in a timely manner when you get a reply for the job application you applied for. The market is competitive in almost every field and there will always be another applicant wanting the same job. Hurry!

4. Not Having a LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays, having a LinkedIn profile is just as important as having a resume. Recruiters are constantly using the social media platform as a source for interested candidates for job positions. If you’re not a member, you’re losing out on prospective job opportunities!

5. Not Proofreading Your Resume

Always check your resume over and over again for any typos or grammatical mistakes. First impression is always important. An employer won’t want to hire a negligent proof-reader!

6. Not Using Facebook and Twitter

A great way to find job openings is via Twitter or Facebook. There are hundreds of pages on Facebook that share job postings for your local area. Twitter is ideal for job offers – simply type #jobs or #hiring and you’ll find a bunch!

7. Not Dressing Accordingly For An Interview

Revealing and everyday clothes are a risky choice when it comes to selecting your outfit for a job interview. As we mentioned, first impressions are imperative and you certainly don’t want to give your potential boss the wrong message. Classy and conservative is the way!

If you find yourself guilty of these common mistakes, it's time to fix up and bypass them all. Ensure your online presence is DECENT, apply to jobs that FIT your experience, be TIMELY with returning emails and calls, CREATE a LinkedIn profile, PROOFREAD your resume, USE Facebook and Twitter and dress ACCORDINGLY for your interview. Job-seeking won't be so hard after-all.