7 Companies to Apply to for Work-From-Home Opportunities

Being able to work from home is a dream come true for a lot of people. You could be a stay-at-home mom looking for some ways to make extra cash. You could be an introvert and be more comfortable working from the comfort of your home. Regardless of your reason, if this happens to be your calling, then these 7 companies are worth looking into.


Known for its customer and information management services, Convergys is one of the best places to look for online work. With the wide array of services that the company offers, this allows people with different professions to be able to apply. You could be a finance expert, a technical person or an experienced telemarketer. Either way, your talent would be greatly appreciated and welcome in the company.

The company would usually hire home based call center agents, talented sales agents or experienced help desk staff.

American Express

This multinational financial services company has been famous for its credit cards and travellers cheques. They have become an icon and it would be great to be able to work for a company that is so well known. What could sweeten the deal more would be the chance to be able to work from home. And with this company, that is highly possible.

The work that you can expect to find in American Express would include home based customer care and travel counselors. The work opportunity is one of the more exciting work-from-home prospects especially for travel counselors. If you happen to love to travel, this would be a breeze for you.


One of the largest online retailing companies in the world, Amazon offers work at home opportunities like customer service associates for both full-time and part-time positions. With the ever growing client base of the company, you can also expect more online work opportunities from this retailing giant.


Xerox is well known for its photocopying machines and other digital printing presses. However, on top of the products offered, the company also offers consulting services particularly in the IT field. Company listings for the company would include call center representatives. There may be more online work available though especially for the field of IT.


A global health services organization, CIGNA is looking for health related professionals to fill in various work-from-home posts. On top of health related jobs offered, other categories like business analysts are also being offered by the company.


This insurance provider not only provides satisfaction to customers, it also makes a lot of people happy with the choices of work-from-home job posts. It is also easy to navigate the website to look for online job opportunities.

post vacancies
post vacancies

What you need to check out in this company is the telework opportunities. The job posts in their website would indicate whether the jobs are available for telework.

Hilton Hotels

It might be a long stretch to figure out what online jobs would be available for hotels. However, there are actually several tasks that Hilton Hotels could pass on to virtual employees like customer care coordinators.

Additional Tips

  • It always pays to research, especially for online work. Try to get as much information as possible before applying for a job post. Pertinent data could be the company’s reputation, working hours, requirements, and more.
  • Apply only through official websites or through reputable job search platforms. There are many scams online. It would be wise to avoid them at all costs.
  • Find out about more online job positions in the company. This way, you can sort of work your way up the corporate ladder,

Working-from-home has certainly brought in a new age in work opportunities. Both the company and worker can benefit from this arrangement. So if this does really happen to be your calling, don’t hesitate to apply to any of these companies.






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