7 Consequences of Spending Too Much Time In Your Office

The corner office. The cherry on top of the big promotion. The thing that every aspiring chief executive officer wants. A big, spacious office just for you, yourself, and no one else. Offices tend to be occupied by people in power. They are reserved for those that oversee employees and have some type of executive position. Getting an office of your own is the dream of anyone who is dedicated to become the H.B.I.C. of a company. Offices come in different sizes, obviously. Some are awkwardly small and definitely not fit for a queen of any kind. I feel bad for those that end up with these less than desirable accommodations. Others are huge and should probably be occupied for two people, but the boss doesn’t have to share. That is something that is not in your job description.

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There is something about having an office to yourself that brings a smile to any professional’s life. It is a status symbol that sets you apart from the lower level employees. Not that you like to point out that you are better than them. You just let your new office do all the talking for you. You love the privacy that it allows you. You also love the fact that you can do cartwheels in your office. That is freaking amazing, if i do say so myself. How many people can say that they turned their office into a gymnasium? Besides that, an office establishes you as someone who works hard and who has earned the respect of many people throughout your career.

The motivation to stay secluded inside of your office is strong. Who wouldn’t want to leave their very own sanctuary? The only things that are waiting for you outside of your office are annoying employees, backstabbing peers, and ugly walls. But staying inside your office for too long can be detrimental to your job and reputation within the company. Here are seven consequences of spending too much time in your office.

1. You Are Having a Secret Affair

mad men

I think everyone has fantasized about getting it on at their job. Whether it was on their horrible bosses desk or it was in the janitor’s closet, getting a little frisky at work is the ultimate turn on. It’s not weird at all to think about either. It’s pretty common. So it shouldn’t come to a surprise to you when rumors start bouncing off the walls about your secret love affairs you are having with multiple employees and colleagues. Every time you call or bring an employee (or any person for that matter) into your office, you are suspected of canoodling behind closed doors. All you wanted to do was go over some business plans or scold someone for screwing up yet again. But you spend so much time inside of your office talking to said person that the minds of your employees draw the conclusion that you are having a secret office affair. Why else would you keep the door closed for so long?

2. You Are Looking at Porn

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People have dirty minds, as we have already established. You spend some much alone time in your office that people think that you are watching porn. That is what people usually do when they are alone in their own rooms, right? No, you could be actually doing the job you are paid to do and you don’t want to be bothered with the loud office gossips. The logical answer doesn’t enter the minds of your colleagues and employees. You are definitely looking at porn in your office. There is no doubt about it, according to them. This ridiculous rumor could end up ruining your reputation. You would be known as the creeper or the perv. No one would want to work with you. You should probably keep the door open, or at least take a stroll around the office every 10 minutes.

3. Your Employees Start to Hate You

Maybe hate is a bad word choice. I should have said that your employees start to dislike you. But that wouldn’t have conveyed their overall disappointment in you. You spend so much time in your luxurious office that you forget that you have hard working employees outside of your door. You don’t take the time to ask them how they are doing or tell them that they are appreciated. You breeze right past them with your nose held high because you are the one with a big office and all they have is a desk next to someone who is constantly sick. You don’t realize the impact your seclusion has on the company until the turnover rate is through the roof. People are quitting left and right because you can’t spend five minutes outside of your office to get to know your employees. If you were a king, your employees would rebel and overthrow you as their leader. Don’t let them drag you to the guillotine. Immerse yourself in their lives and embrace the entire office environment.

4. You Are Geeking Out and Playing Video Games

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More and more rumors start going around the office about why you spend so much time in your office. Some people have even heard that you have numerous gaming systems within your four walls. They believe that you don’t do work all day and just play video games until it is time to clock out. Although impressive (and probably more fun than actually doing your job), that is far from the truth. Unless gaming was a synonym for returning emails and holding conference calls, then you are definitely not geeking out in your office. Work is fun, but not that much fun. Your office feels like home but you don’t plan on making it your man cave. If word got around that you were blowing up zombies at work, you would never be taken seriously.

5. Your Employees Don’t Get Their Work Done

Lazy employee

Your subordinates don’t find it necessary to do their jobs, seeing as how you are never around to watch over them. Instead they gossip, joke around, eat, and anything else that doesn’t consist of doing the duties their job descriptions entail. I probably wouldn’t do my job either if my boss never stepped foot out of his office. Getting paid to have fun sounds like a great plan. Spending too much time in your office could result in complete chaos. Every minute you are in your office, the company is slowly but surely going down the drain, or at least your department is.

6. You Are Perceived as a Coward

Scared employee

While you are huddled in your office, your superiors might start to think that they made the wrong choice in promoting you. They may start to believe that you are unable to command a crowd and delegate tasks. You have yet to show them how you interact with your employees, so they draw the conclusion that you are a coward and are afraid of taking charge. You need to step out of your office and yell at a few people to squash this perception.

7. You Start to Hate Your Job

Looking at the same four walls every day could get annoying. You may feel like your life is repetitive and boring. The longer you stay inside your office, the crazier you feel. They should just go ahead and put a strait jacket on you and call it a day. You need to socialize in order stay sane and not hate your job.

Always be aware of how much time you spend in your office. You never know what impact it will have on your reputation, the company, and others. You may feel like you are in another world in your well-deserved, new office but you are not. Come back to reality and enjoy the company as a whole.

Do you enjoy spending time in your office? Or, do you think you give the wrong impression? Let us know your thoughts n the comments section below.