7 Easter Eggs in Famous Movies

Some film-makers realize how important their fans are. Michael Bay is not one of them. Those film-makers, that don’t see their fans like fat popcorn eating money-bags (unlike Michael Bay), like to hide little visual inside jokes (known as Easter eggs) in their movies as a bit of a fan service. And nothing is more satisfying for a fan than seeing one of these subtle director’s tips of the hat. Here are some of the best Easter Eggs that left fans giggling while everyone else was agitatedly asking “What? WHAT?!!”

Where did the term come from?

OK quickly for the absolute most academic movie geeks out there. The term “Easter Egg” is said to have originated from the Rocky Horror Show when the cast had an Easter Egg hunt on set and missed three eggs. When the story came out fans started looking for the Easter Eggs in the movie, and there’s bound to be at least one drinking game based on it. I’m just assuming, but it’s a strong possibility.

Pixar Might be OCD

So Pixar is the studio that brought us Toy Story, Wall-E and Up! To name just a few. They also might have a bit of a mental disorder because in almost every single one of its movies The Pizza Planet Pick Up appears. Not only that but the number A113 shows up all over Pixar movies as it was the classroom where many of Pixar’s staff studied at the California Institute of the Arts. Pixar also loves to internally reference movies such as the Plush Nemo cameo in Monsters Inc. and Buzz Light-year in Finding Nemo.

Tarantino’s Monster Cross-over universe

Hollywood’s unofficial king of the visceral. Tarantino’s film are more interconnected than a Hillbilly family. For example in Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman’s character and recipient of a syringe to the sternum) describes all of the enemies “The Bride” faces in Kill Bill and Mia Wallace even mentions that “The Bride” is a character she embodies.

In almost all of the writer’s/director’s film if you keep your eyes peeled you might see a pack of cigarettes. Look a little bit closer…a little bit more. There you go. All of the characters smoke a universe specific brand named “Red Apple”.

Lastly but not least (there’s a lot more if you want to look it up), in Reservoir Dogs the criminals suspect someone betrayed them resulting in a botched diamond heist. If you look closely when Nice Guy Eddie is describing the events over the phone as “a police ambush” an orange balloon floats lazily behind his car. Later on Mr. Pink and Mr. White are arguing who could be the rat and a row of white, pink….and orange containers are seen sitting against the back wall of the room.

Fight Club’s Caffeine Addiction

The director of Fight Club David Fincher went on record that there is a cup of the Famous Settle brew Starbucks in every single scene. As if you needed another reason to rewatch such an awesome movie.

Captain America’s Full Plate

During his second romp on the silver screen the Captain America is shown as an old fuddy-duddy not down with the times. In one of the very first scenes he opens up a notebook full of pop culture items he needs to investigate to be hip and on fleek (whatever the hell that means, kids use it all the time nowadays).

Although most of the list is about the same for most countries, in the U.K., Russia, Australia and South Korea they added a few culturally relevant items such as: The Beatles and the World Cup Final 1966 for England. The dissolution of the Soviet Union for Russia. AC/DC for Australia. And Dance Dance Revolution and Ji-Sung Park for South Korea.

The Cabinet of Doctor Brown (from Back to the Future)

In a seminal moment in the second movie, Marty McFly (the main character) buys a Sports Alminac from a Antique store in the future. In the window there are a myriad of Easter Eggs including a Who Framed Roger Rabbit Doll which had the same director as Back to the Future, Marty’s jean jacket from the first movie and a Frisbee (which alludes to a scene in the third movie which Marty beats a band of armed bandits by using pie pans as Frisbees).

Another point of foreshadowing in the second film is a picture of Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen in Biff Tannen’s museum (in the alternate 1985 where he basically becomes a super-rich villain for anyone unfamiliar with the movie). The cool thing about this photo is that it was test picture from the third film that was still in development and the make up shown in the picture wasn’t the same as the make up actually used.


Although I have a deep affinity for the Back to the Future movies, my love of Ghostbusters started at a young age and continues to this day. The movies are jam packed with little fan service tid-bits including: The “slime tunnel” scene which shows an underground tunnel with a purple slime river running through it, which is a real location in New York. It’s actually an unsanctioned piece of tunnel that was built to prove the feasibility of a pneumatic transport system before the subways were even built.

Also, there are two very blatant but easy to miss indications of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. These include a bag of the homonymous brand’s Marshmallows and a Billboard above the Ghostbuster’s headquarters advertising the same brand.

Play Where’s Waldo while genocide is taking place on screen (Apocalytpo)

I left this one for last out of pure, unfiltered absurdness that might border slightly on insanity. It’s not like Mel Gibson is the poster child for mental stability after all. The movie is a brutally gritty, violent and potent description of the last days of the Mayan Civilization. Amongst the death by spear, arrow and sharpened obsidian stone-knives we see the main character fall into a mass grave. Amongst the piles and piles of dead bodies we see someone dress just like Waldo (or Where’s Wally for our transatlantic friends) sprawled out.

Now this could have been Gibson’s attempt to lighten an otherwise genuinely brutal movie. Or he could have just raised a single brow and said: “The scene with the dead body pit needs a ‘Where’s Waldo’….what are you waiting for sugar-tits MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Do you know of any other noteworthy Easter eggs? Let me know in the comment section below.