7 Exceptional Android Apps for Professionals

If you are working hard to run your own business, let your Android smartphone help you. There are plenty of desktop PC applications to manage your office schedule and reduce your extra burden. But you really don’t need to stay chained to your seat when the power of a computer is right in your pocket.

Here are just some of the best Android apps for professionals to use in the workplace:

1. QuickOffice

Among the many mobile office solutions for Android users, QuickOffice is a highly effective option. This Android app allows you view and edit word files, spreadsheets and presentations through your mobile device. As compared to any other app, QuickOffice has broad compatibility and much better specifications to offer to its users, such as better tools for inserting tables, images, charts and other elements of your professional files. You can apply the final touches to documents with ease now, without losing time to approach a computer.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most trusted storage platforms. It is owned by Google. The search engine giant has made this app a no-brainer for Android smartphones. You can quickly access your files and documents -and edit them online. This app has been fully integrated with QuickOffice. You just need to sign in using your Gmail account credentials, and start working. Every document or file you’ll create or edit will be saved to the Google cloud. You need to install the Google Drive desktop app on your Android smartphone before availing its so many features.

3. Square Register

Square Register is an excellent app to receive information about your credit card right on your mobile device. You’ll have to sign up for receiving a credit card reader dongle free in your email. Just plug it into your iPhone’s headphone jack, and swipe a credit card for starting the payment process. With this app, you can also keep a record of all your online transactions. The app keeps a cut of every transaction.

4. Expense Manager

Expense Manager keeps a record of your personal finance. It also has countless features for entrepreneurs, and lets you record and track your business expenses. Being a professional, this app is mandatory for you because it will organize your transaction information in an easy-to-access format. In other words we can say that Expense Manager is the digital way to keep your bank account in your pocket.

5. Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you’re a small businessman, Microsoft Remote Desktop app is quite suitable. It securely connects your Android mobile with your work PC or tablet, so that you can operate it from anywhere.

6. Evernote

I cannot call Evernote  just a robust note-taking app, it’s more than that; an exceptional tool for organizing your professional life. The app lets you get in touch with your personal secretary for dictating notes. It can automatically index your minutes taken doesn’t stop there, the app then makes them searchable from any other device.

7. Cloud Print

CV Writing Services
CV Writing Services

Google Cloud Print offers an absolutely painless way of printing your documents or contents directly from your Android mobile. It is very easy to set up a printer with your smartphone. The app saves your time and lets you transfer documents from your mobile to office computer before they could even be printed.

The Android platform does have a varied level of strengths, use these to support your professional lifestyle and take the hassle out of deadlines or workloads, using task management Android apps. Nowadays, we have access to plenty of free Android and iOS apps, should you find that the ones best suited to you aren’t on the list above; investigate online using any major search engine and you’ll probably find several different app options all geared to help professionals.


 Image Sourced: Android Development