7 Excuses That are Hindering Your Pursuit of a Dream Career

Imagine you are on a bad highway with your car and headed for an important appointment. Just when you are ten minutes to your desired location your car tire goes flat. There are reasons or excuses for you to stop there, you could blame and fume but if you are smart and a progressive thinker you would know that you are responsible and you need to take charge of the situation.

According to author and writer Mark Twain, “There are a thousand excuses for failure, but never a good reason.” Progress in career and business cannot be made when you start making excuses and assigning blame. You have to get rid of certain myths or excuses hindering your career advancement.

Here are some myths that people use as an excuse for not making career advancement.

Myth 1: “I do not have enough education.”

Fact: Even a good education, most of it turns out to be largely useless in the real world once you get out of school. What you really need to make that career advancement is sometimes acquired independently.

What to do: Start acquiring skills and building on the skills you already have. You can learn anything under any situation so devote your time to learning now.

Myth 2: “There are no opportunities.”

Fact: We are living in probably the best period of all of human history. There are more opportunities for you to be successful than ever before. In 2014 alone there were 268 new faces on the billionaire list, a list comprising of successful achievers and careerists.

What to do: You need to start hunting and maximizing the opportunities you have. Opportunities you will sometimes find on the internet or in applying for a job. By starting and taking that first step you start attracting opportunties.

Myth 3: “I don’t have money and no inheritance.”

Fact: The story of most successful people is the story of people who started with nothing and did something worthwhile with their lives. Many who are successful today did not have so much in terms of a financial advantage.

What to do: The best place to start actually is at the bottom. From this point you become better and grow. Excessive wealth or an inheritance may dull the senses or your desire, so appreciate where you are and improve.

Myth 4: “I am not talented.”

Fact: Many people try and fail at a lot of things before they find the right situation for their talents and abilities. Skills and talents are built and should be discovered.

What to do: Practice makes perfect. So start trying new things and taking up challenges every now and then.

Myth 5. “I am not well connected.”

Fact: Most of the time, the people who will help you in your career advancement are people you will meet when you have started making progress. You rarely meet this people at the onset. But when you start working towards your career goals you will attract or need to reach out to these persons that will prove eventually helpful. 

What to do: Seek out a mentor or those who you admire and try to meet with them. Get on LinkedIn and other professional networks. Establishing professional relationships and building on them will help you reach higher goals of meeting the right people with time.

Myth 6: “It’s too late.”

Fact: It is never really too late to begin. Colonel Sanders was well over 60 when he made it big with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Before that, he simply sold chicken and other food at a service station in Corbin, Kentucky. When the Interstate 75 was built, diverting traffic away from his restaurant, his business was close to failing. Yet Sanders believed that he could do it. Instead of despairing or muddling through somehow, he adapted. He walked the long miles, pitching his unique recipe and was even knocked back 1009 times before someone decided to give him a chance to birth what is now known today as the highly successful food chain KFC. 

What to do: You need to define your path and start walking towards your goals. Your age doesn’t really matter.

Myth 7: “I don’t have time.” 

Fact: Many people who are now successful prioritised and dumped less productive tasks to focus on their career advancement. You have to start doing the same.

What to do: Prioritise and manage your time more efficiently.

When you stop making excuses, you start making progress. When you stop blaming other people and feeling sorry for yourself, you start thinking about specific actions you could take to improving your situation.

By taking charge and becoming responsible you start setting goals and discovering key ways in reaching those goals. This process involves learning and admitting to get better.

The fact is that you are responsible for yourself. You are supposed to take charge of your situation in your career and not give in to complaining and assigning blames.


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