7 Exotic Destinations You MUST Visit: From Your Sofa

Coral Reef
 Breathtaking views, pristine beaches, mesmerising worlds just waiting to be discovered… Every corner of our extraordinary planet has something to offer the traveller, it’s just a shame most of us will never get round to visiting every corner of our extraordinary planet. No time, no money – these are just two of the reasons why we won’t get to soak up these exotic delights. But what if we could? As in, right now? Teleportation, I’m told, is on its way but hasn’t arrived yet, but what we do have now are… live webcams! That’s right! In just a few minutes you too could be exploring some of the most spectacular places in the world. Here are seven destinations you can enjoy from your sofa.

Note: You will need to create an account or download software to be able to view some of these webcams.

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1. St Thomas Bay, British Virgin Islands

You may not find Nemo but what you will lose yourself among the most spectacular colours which go a long way to explaining why coral reefs are known as the ‘rainforests of the sea’. The largest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef, but this one is pretty amazing too.

2. The Western Wall, Jerusalem

Watch the webcam

Jerusalem’s Western Wall was built by King Solomon and has survived over 3,000 years of war and destruction. You could call it the miracle wall. Whatever, they call it, it’s a phenomenal spectacle.

3. Safari in Africa

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Thanks to a South African company called Africam that specialises in giving people an up-close-and-personal view of wild animals, you can now go on safari from your sofa. Webcams have been placed in the busiest wildlife areas around the continent so you too can experience, in part at least, the wonders of the wild.

4. Niagra Falls

The Niagra Falls comprises three separate waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Niagra Falls is still the destination holiday choice of many people - especially newly weds -  and each year welcomes about 12million people.

5. Sydney Harbour

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If Australia seems a few plane journeys too far, you can at least experience the stunning Sydney Harbour thanks to this webcam, and marvel at the white wings of Sydney’s famous opera house.

6. Red Square, Moscow

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Did you see it - Russia’s ‘Taj Mahal’, otherwise known as the St Basil the Blessed cathedral? It’s spectacular in real life, and you get a sense of its beauty from this webcam.

7. The International Space Station

Watch the webcam: Note: You will need to create an account to be able to view the webcam.

Furthermore, Ustream informs site visitors of the following: “This video is only available when the space station is in contact with the ground. During "loss of signal" periods, viewers will see a blue screen.”

Only the select few will get to step aboard the International Space Station, which is probably the biggest artificial object ( it’s actually more like a science lab) orbiting the planet. The rest of us can watch and wonder at the reality space exploration. Listen to chatter between crew members and watch high definition images of the earth, projected from the ISS. It’s really incredible even if it does seem a little mind boggling.

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As the Brits say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. If time or money prevents you from travelling to the places you’d love to visit, there’s always the webcam option.

Which places are on your wishlist? Could you go there by webcam? Let us know in the comments section...