7 Food Myths Everyone Accepts as Fact [Video]

How many times as a child were you told not to eat too much chocolate or sugar because it will make you hyper? Your parents were trying to keep you from your beloved candy and you didn’t know why, you thought they were mad and it was all in their heads. It turns out that you were right. By providing you with false information – which they believed to be true – they almost managed to ruin candy for you, forever.

In fact, in recent years, studies have surfaced that suggest chocolate is actually good for you. This can only make you question exactly how many of the myths you were told about food are actually true? And how do you know for sure what is good for you and what isn’t?

As reported in eatingwell, Professor of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College, Keith-Thomas Ayoob, explains why people tend to create misconceptions about their nutritional habits. Ayoob says that misinformation transforms the truth into a much more interesting and seductive fact. Similar to the chocolate and sugar myths, there are other food myths related to vitamin C and whole grains that people often take for granted. As a result, they either avoid eating or overdoing them in an attempt to eat healthier.

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This video from BuzzFeedBlue sheds some light on the subject by debunking a number of popular food myths. Check it out and let me know how many of the 7 you believed to be true!




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