7 Habits of Remarkably Organised People

Organized People

If you’re a business owner, being organized is one of the key skills that will help you become successful. If you’re an employee, being organized will help you develop a much clearer mind, the kind of mind that is conducive to success in the workplace.

Many of us will have at least one co-worker whose personal organization puts us to shame. Projects are always finished on time, their desk is always tidy, they’re always prepared at meetings and they never seem to be wanting for anything. Although it would seem that these otherworldly creatures were born organized, they probably weren’t: in my experience, most organized people have simply developed systems and processes that keep them organized. If you’d like to become better organized, it’s worth emulating some of their organization habits. Here are seven habits of organized people that will serve you well.

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1. Set Clear Goals

Organized people have clear goals which gives them a sense of what is important and what isn’t important. By contrast, disorganized people have an overwhelming sense of being burdened by competing tasks and don’t know where to start.

2. Have An Outcome-Focused Mindset

Organized people are invariably focused on the outcomes they want to achieve. For example, when adding tasks to their schedules, they think about what they need to do to ensure the best possible outcome. This could include the resources they need to obtain, the preparation they need to make or the follow up they need to put in place, and they schedule such activities into their task list.

3. Don't Accumulate 'Stuff'

People who are organized understand the negative effect that clutter can have on productivity. Organized people cull ruthlessly, which means they have little to organize. Documents, supplies and stationery are reduced to the bare minimum, as is anything that doesn’t contribute directly to their priorities.

4. Make Order A Top Priority

Organized people will typically take time out of every day to bring order to their workspace. Organizing behaviours include creating logical homes for all their work material to make retrieval easy; ensuring only those items they need are within immediate reach and material they seldom use are placed outside their reach and returning items back to their original location so they don’t lose them.

Desktop chaos is eliminated by using a variety of tools: labelled trays and files, baskets that hold receipts waiting to be filed or little bowls placed helpfully by the front door for their keys, for example. They will also typically have systems that help them process paperwork in a way that makes work flow in a methodical and efficient manner.

5. Use A Variety Of Resources To Support Their Organization

From using time-tracking methods such as the Pomodoro technique to a variety of apps for boosting organization, organized people seek out resources to help them make the most of their time.

6. Plan For Everything

Organized people make planning a top priority. They plan ahead: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly - and will also have longer term plans in place.

These smart organizers will typically schedule in planning time, ring-fencing this time to enable them to think, strategize and manage their progress. If priorities have changed, they don’t despair, they simply revise their plans and keep moving forward.

7. Make Organization A Habit

Organised people make their personal organization a top priority. They make a habit of regularly decluttering their workspace, which ensures that they are in the driving seat, not the clutter; of planning for the future, and of setting and tracking progress on their goals.

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Are you an organized person? If so, why not share your top tips for better organization? Use the comments box below...




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