7 Health Benefits of Fruit Juices and Why you Should Drink Them Every Day

Fruit juice has gone from something you would typically have with breakfast before work to a massive health trend. Juice bars are a huge deal in L.A. –plus Gwyneth Paltrow swears by juice, and there’s a good reason for that. Do you want tons of energy every day of your life? Do you want to be able to get through an entire work day with a smile and a skip in your step? Well, we have good news for you: this can all be achieved if you start drinking juice. Read on to find out the health benefits of juice and why drinking a juice every day will definitely keep the doctor away.

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1. You're Not Eating Enough Fruit

Admit it: you’re not eating enough fruit. Maybe you don’t eat any at all. You have the best intentions but it just doesn’t end up happening. You wouldn’t be the first person to confess that they don’t get anything close to five fruits a day. Sure, on a good day you try to drink a breakfast smoothie before heading to the office, enjoy some fruit at lunch or grab an apple as an afternoon snack. But that’s on a good day. And we all know that life happens and you don’t eat lunch, so pizza or take-out burgers it is. If you’re struggling to fit enough fruit into your daily diet, then drinking one fruit juice a day is definitely the answer to your prayers. You definitely do need to eat some fruit since it will help you stave off diabetes and heart problems. But if you hate the texture of fruit, then drinking a fruit juice is the perfect way to force yourself to eat fruit. If you hate the texture of pears or bananas, for example, think how much easier it’ll be to drink a juice instead. So rather than proclaiming you hate fruit and making your body suffer for it, make sure you start drinking juice. 

2. Our Bodies Love Juice

If you’re already a green juice addict like the rest of the planet, here’s some awesome news: your body is a big fan of juice. Your body can easily take in all the good stuff (aka the nutrition) that fruit juice has to offer. So what is so amazing about juice? Well, it can do everything from making sure you won’t catch that terrible cold that everyone at the office is down with, to fighting off cancer to being a friend to your entire digestive system. So if you love juice, then you can rest assured that your body loves it, too. It’s a match made in healthy eating heaven!

3. You'll Be Able to Focus Better

Who doesn’t want to improve their focus? No matter how awake we think we are and no matter how much we enjoy our jobs, we all struggle with feeling tired and being unable to pay attention from time to time. By now you’ve definitely heard millions of celebs proclaiming how much energy they get from green juice. Cherries are considered an amazing choice for your fruit juice since a cup of the sweet berries gives you 25 grams of carbs, and carbs are definitely necessary for keeping your energy levels high. Buy a small, personal sized blender and whip up a fruit juice every day around lunch in your office kitchen. It will take mere minutes and your coworkers won’t mind. And if you’ve got a couple of colleagues you are not exactly on friendly terms with, you can hope that the blender will annoy them. Making a healthy juice and annoying colleagues? Two birds with one stone I’d say.

4. You Need Vitamin C

Our bodies can’t survive without Vitamin C, so thankfully orange juice is here to the rescue. But we’re not talking the sugary stuff that you find in bottles in the supermarket. We’re talking juice made from real oranges without added sugar. If you drink 1 cup of that real OJ, you’re getting a ton of Vitamin C – that would be 96.8 milligrams. Vitamin C is responsible for everything in your body from your bones, teeth and skin to how you recover from getting hurt. Sure, you could eat a whole orange once a day, but it’s just as easy to grab a bottle of fresh orange juice from that trendy juice bar or coffee shop down the corner from your office. You’ll be following a trend, too, and we all know that it’s super fun to be trendy.

5. Apple Juice is the Answer

apple juice

So you probably drank a lot of apple juice when you were a kid. Maybe it was the only thing your mom could get you to drink. It was just so sweet, cold and super refreshing. Well you can still enjoy this fruit juice as an adult. Just whip up a fresh apple juice in your blender and you’ll reap some pretty awesome health benefits like getting lots of Vitamin B6, B2 and B1. These vitamins automatically make you feel more energetic. And all that from a single juice. It’s pretty cool.

6. Celebs Love Juice and you Should, too

Let’s face facts: celebrities are healthier than the rest of us mere mortals. Or at least that’s what they want us to believe. As Nicole Ritchie says, “I am what you can call a juice fanatic. I always carry around a green juice. They provide lots of energy when I’m running around.” You probably can’t get as rich and famous as her, but you can drink a juice a day. And if you want to pretend you’re a star, who can stop you?

7. Juice is Even Better With Kale

You already know that kale is a superfood and that you should be eating it by the pound every day. Well, maybe you shouldn’t be eating quite that much; that’s a lot of kale. But you should be including it in your diet if you want to feel good and live a long and healthy life – and who doesn’t? So why not add some kale to your daily fruit juice. You can juice up some apple, orange and kale as per this easy recipe. You’re still getting your fruit but enjoying some kale, too, and that can’t be a bad thing. Kale has Vitamin K, iron, calcium and fiber – and that’s just naming a few nutrients. There’s a reason why kale is so popular and that’s because it’s just incredibly good for you.

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Are you super lazy when it comes to eating enough fruit every day, let alone a single apple? Do you want to join the juice trend but are unsure where to start? Does it all feel so overwhelming? Worry no more. With this easy guide, you now know the health benefits of fruit juice and you can happily enjoy a fruit juice on a day. Now you will be incredibly healthy and happy and full of energy so you can focus on what’s truly important: following your career dreams.




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