7 Ideal Jobs for Social People

One of the keys to having a successful career is not only to find a job that utilizes your academic expertise, but also gets the best of your personality traits too.

If you are a sociable person, or you have a social personality type, this article will identify some of the jobs that will best open the doors of your life. But first, how do you know you are a sociable person? Well, if you enjoy being in the company of other people and having conversations with them, and you like being of service to others, chances are high, you got social blood running in your veins. Quick note though! Being social, on social media does not necessarily make you a social butterfly!

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So, what jobs are ideal for you? Keep reading to find out.

1. Wedding Event Planner

Wedding Event Planner
International Wedding Institute

Weddings are social events where relatives, friends and associates come together to witness and celebrate a union of two lovebirds. As such, it is only fitting that the planners of these events are sociable people.

As a wedding event planner, you will spend some of your time holding meetings with the ready-to-be married couples, getting their ideas of an ideal wedding event. Of course, your real task is to conceptualize these ideas. In this profession, you simply cannot run away from people. When you are not with the couples, then you can be rest assured of either being in contact with a member of the wedding committee or liaising with a wedding vendor. On the big day, you will naturally roll into high gear, working with almost everyone to ensure a flawless event. Beyond being a sociable person, you will need to pursue event planning courses to enhance your chances of attracting clients.

Salary: $20,372- $91,654

2. Recreation Worker

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 95 percent of Americans aged fifteen and above engage in some sort of leisure activity each day. While TV is undoubtedly the favorite leisure time activity for many people, some resort to sports, exercise and recreation. This brings us to yet another job that suits sociable people; recreation workers.

On a typical day, you will find them in playgrounds, parks, senior centers and summer camps leading individuals or groups in a range of activities, from arts and crafts to camping. To succeed in this job, you must usually be a person who likes socializing and interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds. Aspiring recreational workers should have an associate or bachelor’s degree in sport, fitness and recreation.

Salary: $25,830

3. Receptionist

Since conclusive surveys that determine the number of people a receptionist interacts with on an average day are yet to be conducted, we can only keep guessing. What we do know for sure is that receptionists act as the face of the company to all visitors. Now, people have different emotions at different times. Sometimes they are angry, sad, happy, frustrated…you name it. It takes an immensely sociable person to interact with these people and keep delivering professional services each time. Even when a visitor speaks rudely to them, they can still afford a smile and gently respond to their concerns. What else do you need to become a receptionist? You will need to pursue a course in reception and office administration.

Salary: $19,060 - $35,710

4. Wine Tour Guide

Wine tourism, or enotourism, is gradually becoming an international phenomenon. In the US alone, 60 percent of travelers have in interest in wine travel. Out of this love for wine, a job known as wine tour guide has effectively been created.

Wine tour guides are wine lovers whose job is to provide an exceptional experience to people looking to visit wineries across the world and attend wine events. In this job, you will constantly be interacting with, and answering the questions of the travelers. You may also double up as wine educator, informing clients about the origin and manufacturing process of various wines. If you are not a person who loves partying and meeting a new people, then this job will bore you to near death! To qualify for this profession, you will also need to pursue abachelor’s degree in tourism, particularly one that has coursework in wine tourism.

Salary: $43,000

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5. Night Club Host/Hostess

If you have a super-charged social personality, then this is the job to go for. In general, the work of a club host or hostess is to socialize with patrons and toss drinks here and there. If some of them want a dance, then the host/hostess should willingly oblige by hitting the dance floor and doing a little jig. In the end, they must ensure the club’s clients are thoroughly entertained, and leave with a longing to return.

What does it take to land this gig? For starters, you must be a party animal with a reputation for being social. Secondly, it is important to have a wide network of contacts in the entertainment industry. This will ensure you have inside information on gigs as they arise, especially in high-end clubs.

Salary: $22,000

6. Santa Claus

Oh, Christmas is almost upon us! As the regular folks celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, you can find a gig as Santa Claus, aka Father Christmas – that is if you are a social butterfly.

Who exactly is Santa Claus? He is typically portrayed a joyous, portly, bearded man who wears a red coat with a white collar, black boots and black leather belt. With him ,the career is a bagful of gifts, which he delivers – in most surprising ways – to the good and sometimes naughty children of the world. To enjoy this job, you obviously must be able to easily get social with kids and their parents. Apart from being social, funny, elderly and creative, there are no other standard qualifications for getting this job!

Salary: $6,000 - $8,000 (Holiday season only).

7. Community Organizer

Obama community organizer

To close our list, we highlight community organizers; professionals who spend most of their professional time interacting with the locals of a particular community. Although they often serve greater causes, like helping people find solutions to their own problems, it is their desire to get to know people, listen to them and understand their way of life that they are interested in. Their ability to look beyond cultural and social differences – a major characteristic of a sociable person – cannot go unmentioned. With a former community organizer now in the White House -- look how sociable Obama is – there is no doubt the profession has gained some honor!

To become a community organizer, you may need to earn a degree in social work or any other similar degrees with a focus on advocacy and social justice studies. Jobs are usually concentrated in non-profit organizations.

Salary: $36,528

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These are some of the top jobs for gadabouts. If you happen to be a sociable person in a job that doesn’t encourage socializing (like night guard), you can always find some free time to get in touch with other people and free the social spirit in you!

Are you a social person? What other jobs do you think are ideal for people like you? Join the conversation in the comments section below….